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25 Sexy Witches

We’d like to burn a few of these chicks at the stake, if you know what I mean.
(sex is what we mean)


45 Responses to "25 Sexy Witches"

  1. jelly roll says:

    easier than you think. just volunteer at the old folks home. they’ll forget you even took the picture before their clothes are back on.

    golden girls reruns anyone?

  2. Paul says:

    haha that was the best last pic to date.. fucking assholes

  3. Badass says:

    When did holytaco start letting women decide what is sexy?

  4. Specky says:

    I am love with Granny…Mmmmmm…Mmmmmm…Mmm

  5. the guy impersonating the guy impersonating philosopher says:

    they could ride my broomstick anytime …except for the last one, that is the scariest halloween thing I have ever seen

  6. Jules Beam says:

    I’d hit it.

  7. Boners says:

    I would like the last witch to pull out her teeth and suck me off with her gums. When i bust a creamy nut i want her to snowball it to me so i can suck HER off and empty it into her asshole. Sexy!

  8. www.sonlanews.org says:

    Oh my god very sexy, i want fuck and fuck. If you want find a girl now visit site http://sonlanews.org/ find address and go now fuck. And free…….

  9. jewish guy says:

    lol, goyish women
    you non jewish americans have such ugly women

  10. robbeh says:

    shannon elizabeth is one of them. thank god.

  11. christian says:


  12. Sexy Goth says:

    Ok, I have to say I give grandma kudos because she has the guts to pose like that..What the hell, we all are going to get to that look at one point in our lives. Go for it, it may not be pretty to look at but I give her high marks for being bold.

  13. the guy impersonating the guy impersonating philosopher says:

    well, halloween is the holiday of terror

  14. t says:


  15. nuahs maul says:

    Does’t anyone see that is shannon elizibeth from American Pie

    Whats my name bitches!!!

  16. do her says:

    Would you guys bang the last old lady if it meant you could have your way with the rest of the girls?

  17. Inferno's Light says:

    BASTARDS…why would you ruin such a grand effort of pic compilation by completing the money shot with that last pic??? WHY??!!! ANSWER ME, DAMN YOU!!

  18. Scorchin' hot! says:

    The last picture is totally outrageous and the silliest picture that I ever seen! Yuck! Totally GROSS!
    It made me vomit and pee at the same time for disgust!
    Grandma don’t do it or else I’m gonna let my dog bite and fuck you till you die!

  19. juss_watever says:

    i want to scroll back up and look at the others, but i don’t want to see the last one again

  20. Oh yea! says:

    I just beat it to the last pic. All my stress is now..gone!

  21. taster says:

    hey g u r right it is supposed to be scary

  22. A nony mous says:

    UUhhh..about the last pic..Its wrong..just wrong.

  23. food for thought says:

    if that old lady were a suit made from pantyhose with just a hole for her vag, she wouldn’t look that bad. Would you hit it? I’m debating.

    no seriously HT, where do you go to get that last picture.

  24. A. Nell Fisher says:

    @noahaction — that was the herpes.

  25. That guy says:

    Wow dude… GET OUTSIDE MORE.

  26. Philip J. Sherman is gay says:

    Please die in a fire.

  27. Anonymousee says:

    Ok not like this matters because no one will actually give a shit after seeing the last one but I’m pretty sure the 9th one in all the glitter isn’t a “witch” I think she’s supposed to be a Cullen from Twilight with all that glitter shit all over herself. Just thought I’d clarify

  28. noahaction says:

    thanks for clearing that up, dude. it was burning me up inside too.

  29. Grandma Mooses says:

    Listen up you little fucks! You might not want to see you future but let me tell you something right now. I am it. You are going to end up with the first girl that lets you touch her ta-ta’s and then it’s over. The only thing you you will have to look forward to is the day many, many years from now when I let you take a picture of me and all my sagging glory. You think you are going to grow out of your teenage dweebness but I got news for you. Every one of you will be dreaming of me for the rest of your pathetic lives. So tell me, who’s your Me-Ma? All of you make me sick! And horny. Bring lubricant.

  30. me in the future says:

    you seem pretty desperate to me. your probably a fat lonely loser like the rest of us.

  31. Bannor says:

    The last in burned in my retinas.

  32. That guy says:

    Yeah! I totally can! Does that mean that we got to second base with her, guys? By the way, Billy’s parents are going to be gone tonight and he totally found one of his dad’s old Playboys.. You dudes in?!?!

  33. Anonymoose says:


  34. Hugh Jorgan says:

    Word yo! Me too!

  35. Neon says:

    the 7th one down, I can see her nipples!

  36. your mom's ass says:

    Goodyea should make Tires from Vaginas.

  37. b_logic says:

    I did her last weekend…pussy is pussy I say!

  38. spydyr says:

    I did the last one….in 1956

  39. stu says:


  40. charred soul says:

    that had to be the most devastating last pic the universe has ever been subjugated too

  41. Anonymoose says:

    oh my god, that’s horrible . . . i want to kill myself . . . first . . . .

  42. Mr. Wizard says:

    That last one is always a doozy.

  43. s3xt0y says:

    haha granny

  44. asdasdasd says: