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25 Shamed Drunks


37 Responses to "25 Shamed Drunks"

  1. Beckers says:

    Good shit.

  2. Phil Jones says:

    I hope this happens to me someday. Only i want a dildo in my ass and my dick in a cars tailpipe while i wear lacy see thru lingerie.

  3. Judas WOods says:

    OMFG thats a permanent marker! That dude is gonna be pissed!


  4. RmcD says:

    “I liked to be buttfucked! HARD!” Should have been tramp stamped on his back, and should be like instead of liked.

    And the toothpicks in hair has been done to me, except with cigarettes instead of toothpicks.

  5. RmcD says:

    Just shut the fuck up RmcD.

  6. Ben Affleck says:

    I would leave all of that shit on. Just tell people they’re birth marks.

  7. BigB says:

    just plain wrong, some of them.

  8. Stick says:

    Silver marker on the black guy was clever. Kudos to them.

  9. Amazing says:

    Am I the only one who’s impressed by the house of cards?

  10. joanna says:

    sure why not i think its bad if people do drugs at ALL!!

  11. Scott's tot says:

    Well done, HT. This is one of the funniest damn things I’ve ever seen in my admittedly young life.

  12. WTF says:

    LMAO dude the guy in pic #14 they must really hate him or his their bitch goddamn the fucking mess they made lol

  13. kevin romig says:

    for christ sake…the CAT ? you people are SICK…

  14. Needs Therapy says:

    I think most of these people have been through my house at one time or the other…seems like most of them got over it, at least pretty much. #2 looks like my uncle when he’s sober, and he owns a black cat.

    Jason….is this the HT office staff when they get to work?….c’mon, be honest.

  15. Hamburger Dick says:

    #15 on the arm it says “I H8 NAGGERS”. Ironic cause his face is painted black HAHAHA

  16. DaveLovesBacon says:

    You dumbass… Nagger is not the same as Nigger.

  17. Donald Keydicks says:

    Nagger, please.

  18. The REAL pratik says:

    You faggots really need to cut that shit out, use your own goddamn nicks!

  19. pratik says:

    Fourth one is my favorite. Nice touch with the marshmallows.

  20. DonkeyXote says:

    Jajajajajajaja que risa tan hijueputa!!! ahora si se me descocio el ombligo!!

  21. HappyViolet says:

    Demasiado buenas las fotos… pero aun mejor sus nombres!!!!

  22. SpanchoManza says:

    That was my line you old coot!

  23. SpanchoManza says:

    you suck

  24. DonkeyXote says:

    You don’t even know what I said up there, fucking wannabe.

  25. The Xote Clan says:

    These are perfect examples of how we leave DonkeyXote after one of our legendary mexican bible studies!

  26. Ann T Christ says:

    AH-HA, So that’s how I ended up in pic #2
    Jokes on you Homo’s I still have anal warts from Gary Busey

  27. nerd says:

    it’s dead…

  28. ..... says:

    that looks like my cat……maybe it is….maybe it isn’t

  29. six-pack of kegs says:

    I wonder how they did the cat one

  30. Whoever writes first is a hom says:


  31. Bestial man says:

    suck my fucking hairy balls :)

  32. Dwight K. Shrute says:

    ur a cunt

  33. Bestial man says:


  34. DonkeyXote. says:

    Will do!

  35. Suck it! says:


  36. Suck it! says:


  37. The Mighty Gonad says: