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25 Strippers Failing



36 Responses to "25 Strippers Failing"

  1. Goose says:

    The real deal-dealt down and dirty-exposed at http://www.HerbPastor.com

  2. Lol says:

    Hah. haha. hahahahaha. You idiots are hilarious going after each other like that. You’re making fools out of yourselves. BOTH sides of this arguement are wrong. The point of these pictures is THAT THE STRIPPER HAS DONE SOMETHING STUPID!

  3. bachelorpartystrippers says:

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  4. Doug Onesko says:

    These girls remind me of my high school days.

  5. anonme says:

    but what the fuck do I know? maybe I’ll take my political rant and shove it up my pussy hole.

  6. Sinislaw says:

    I agree. The funny part though is half of these are vanity shots so sluts can look “hot” on their myspace and they never thought to crop out the kids. The whole myspace vanity shot thing is hilarious, you’re not a fucking model or a photographer.

  7. office jerk says:

    it’s not a political rant, it’s an ignorant blither. it doesn’t have to do with anyone’s political views, or “dancing”. it goes way deeper than than you seem to be able to comprehend.

  8. Sinislaw says:

    I think what he’s trying to illustrate is the fact that seeing your mothers boobies at a young age will most likely NOT create a serial killer in you. Nudity is much more accepted in other parts of the world and the children there seem fine…

  9. DaveLovesBacon says:

    It is not about seeing the nudity you tools. Its about the sexual nature of stripping. Why not bang your girlfriend in front of her 5 year old too!!?!?! Of course watching uncle Andy drink shots off a strippers tits is just fine!!!

  10. nickmare says:

    its kind of sad that most of these stripper fails are because children are involved

  11. anonme says:

    yeah, coz bits of the human body are so freaking scary it must be hidden from innocent children who will be scarred for life if they see a bit of bare skin that they don’t usually see on other people, that is entirely different from all the other bare skin they see on other people.

    Plus dancing is evil and they’ll go straight to hell if they move their hips this way and then back again.

  12. Sniffie says:

    and farting

  13. panzfreaka says:

    you fail…its a song

  14. Jiggy says:

    Gee, I recognized the line immediately, but I can’t remembewhat song it’s from

  15. JonG says:

    Yeah, I find it quite a thrill
    when she grinds me against her will.

  16. Faggot says:

    Speaking of Boobies…….I love to give rim jobs.

  17. FanMail says:

    Blood Hound Gang – “Hooray For Boobies!” – One of the best albums ever!

  18. TEHE says:

    now i realize this is old but a rim job is eating out the asshole… nothing to do with boobies

  19. crabs says:

    Lap dances are so much better when the stripper is crying

  20. Mgtube says:

    The… Ca… Ca… Cat… The cat… In… The… Ha… Hat… Aaaaw fuck this I’ll just be a stripper!

  21. pratik says:

    Strippers usually come in packs of three… the college student, single mom, and cokehead.

  22. The Goods says:

    Awesome quote!

  23. whodares says:

    dont congratulate pratik, he got it from the movie “the goods”

    which was a good movie

  24. Mr. Pointing Out The Obvious says:

    The only college students who are strippers are going to college as a front to their parents so their money keeps coming in and they can spend all the stripping money on coke.

  25. Little Amy's Mommy says:

    That’s right sweetie, just make sure to get cash up front if they want handjobs!

  26. ACORN says:

    Do you need a house?

  27. Pimp says:

    Shut up ho, get back on the street!

  28. Police says:

    Your under arrest for distribution of prostitution.

  29. Little Amy says:

    I wanna be just like my mommy when i grow up!

  30. Hey, Look! says:

    #16 = Kenny Fuckin’ Powers!

  31. Shameful says:

    Ok, now I have done some wild things in my day, and have nothing against strippers in general, but these women are pathetic. There is no other word for it. Those poor kids. The fact that these “mothers” see nothing wrong with exposing their children to their stripping and posing nude is disgusting. If they must strip or pose nude, they need to hide it from their children. They need to show some respect for themselves, for their children, and for motherhood. Pathetic.

  32. Dead_Frankz says:

    ARE…..YOU…..A….CHICK?….Fap fap fap fap

  33. intact says:

    little kids and women: meant to be seen not heard.

    holy taco’s target audience is “males” not ugly broads.

  34. Cunt Connasaur says:

    The midget on the pole is HOT!

  35. iloveboobies says:

    hell,im a girl…but i love me some pussy.
    why hide it?its just the human body.sexualaity is part of life.i dance because i love it,and it makes me feel sexy not to get coke.

  36. Luv4Dancers says:

    Dance for me and I’ll give ya a Pepsi!… and you can still feel sexy!