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25 Sweet Shaggin Wagons

Come on in, kids! I’ve got candy!


45 Responses to "25 Sweet Shaggin Wagons"

  1. Jim Woods says:

    OMG man, that A-Team van is Da BomB!


  2. Pedophilephile says:

    I just can’t choose- they’re all so cool and creepy!

  3. DC says:

    Looks more like the headline should have been: 25 SWEET RAPE WAGONS

  4. Steve says:

    RIP Steve Irwin.

  5. robo panda says:

    These guys seem legit.

  6. ashleynathomas says:

    I liked all of them. But the one with slogan eat your baby was very weird. Nice collection you have.
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  7. Tiger Woods . says:

    Son? Damn it! I knew I should have worn a rubber, fucking DonkeyXote’s mom, she said she was on birth control. Fucking shit!!!

  8. methadonor says:

    well i know a certain website called filmdrunk.uproxx.com that had a pedo van posted on his site and believe it or not. the owners wife threatened lawsuit. story goes, filmdrunk made comment about just your typical molestor van stereotype. said wife writes back shes mad and that her hubby which was 20 yrs older then her was mad or some crap. i only say this because said van is on this list. its a story that doesnt end van. only hint i can give on the van.

  9. Tool says:

    the guy who owns the Lion Pedo-Van lives in the same town. Total tool, still lives with his mom and still rocks out like it’s 1989.

  10. Stick says:

    While I always loved vans like that, those are not ‘Shaggin Wagons’. In order to be a shaggin wagon, it first must be a wagon, not a fucking van.

  11. *All-Star* says:

    Guard your yard, Rice is comming this summer! All pro wide receiver Jerry “don’t call me a pansy” Rice is comming to 2k 2008 allstar football challenge for the ps3 and xbox360. Retails for only $59.99 so go get your copy today at your local walmart.

  12. Ron Burgandy says:

    Damn dudes! that 5th one looks like my van except mines a rusty piece of crap that I only use to deliver pizzas around Arlen TX. Surprisingly enough, I hav enever gotten laid in it!

  13. DonkeyXote says:

    Correcto mundo, Stick! It first must be a motherfucking wagon, not a fucking van.

    Tell ‘em Julius, tell these motherfuckers what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France.


  14. Tiger Woods . says:

    Wait, I meant DonkeyXote’s father… I don’t usually go for tacos, I like burritos that can squeeze good ol’ fashioned mayo in me. I wouldn’t mind tapping DonkeyXote’s ass to be quite honest…

  15. Gomer says:

    You’ve never gotten laid anywhere. And never will.

  16. Ryan Von Busen III says:

    Hello to all you sexy peoples out there in this big sneprt infested worled. I Ryan Von Busen III welcome you to this time and place and please say hello to my sexy well bed ridden wife Cindy Lee Shinall Busen, he is worker for father at Franks discount golf store which closed in 1996. She was made model on tv commercial with father Frank in 1995, I remember seeing them sexyness of her on the tv while my pet snerpt played out in the yard outside my out house window. I must go now and save the planet from this person whom you call spork o nuss.

  17. Fine, I'll say it says:

    Shut the fuck up

  18. Engaging persona of death says:

    First off I would like to say thank you for visiting my site on the internet which is located in my mind. I feel strongly that it’s a stupid idea or expression to imply that anyone anywhere at anytime will bestow the ranks that I have made in my minds eye. Futhermore to whomever see and feels these honored words my enstow the best graitutied and strength upon which mortal man may seem fit. I Gen. H..T. Rutarged Willhemly Von Busen Shinall Lee Woodard grant to those reading upon my fruitless lips, seek out young Wesley Crusher and form a tacticall lawsuit upon which the manner is speaking this great whelm of snertps. I salute all those whom have read my cry for attention. Thank You!

  19. Ryan Von Blow Me says:

    Blow Me

  20. Hank Hill says:

    Ron Burgandy isn’t from Arlen. Go fuck yourself San Diego.

  21. justin bieber says:

    Vans are cool.

  22. NeverEnding Trish says:

    You better hush yer mouth about my hubby Rooster’s van, or I’ll sue your ass too!

  23. Jason V says:

    Shoot her mommy, shoot her!

  24. Lone wolf says:

    Lone wolf calling wolf den, lone wolf calling wolf den..over

  25. the Boss says:

    suck it

  26. DonkeyXote . says:

    Cumming right up!

  27. Frooth says:

    That’s where babby cums from! = http://bit.ly/bDPPlB

  28. Anonymous24/7 says:


  29. that other guy says:


  30. Dr Fingerbang says:

    the last one was lame

  31. mike hunt says:

    I want the kind of chick that would not mind getting tossed around in the back of one of these, toothless, old, a bit fat, stinky like mom, and from the great state of arkansas.. Hell yea………

  32. Mike Hunt's Mom says:

    You said you’d never tell you ungrateful little bastard.
    Oh yeah- and I faked it. Ass Clown

  33. pratik says:

    Ahh, I remember the glory days of bangbus.com too.

  34. Olala says:

    Mister, if I go in do you promise to touch me inappropriately? Specially in the rear region, I’ve got a sweet spot back there with your name writen all over it.

    See what I did there, I invited him to play with my asshole.

  35. ohlala says:

    Actually I did see that but still don’t understand why you’re not trying to make money out of that hobby of yours…

  36. pratik says:

    If you’re good at something, never do it for free.

  37. Olala's Anus says:

    Why don’t you die you bastard! Give me a break and use the mouth!

  38. Fudge Packers be gone says:

    Come on Homos – go to a different site

  39. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:

    That last one is from Dumb and Dumber.

  40. PureGenius says:

    Wow! Figured that one out all by yourself, did ya?

  41. Gatroid says:

    Some are good and some are not so good but o.k. Anyway a nice collection.

  42. I want my boobies! says:

    What a ripoff. Where’s the boobies!!?

  43. Bob says:

    What i the title of this collection made u think there was going to be a picture of tits. As for were the boobies are fucking google it?….Biatch

  44. John Edwards . says:

    You could just go and ask DonkeyXote’s mom, she’ll let you suck on those for a fucking penny, hell yeah!