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25 Terrible, Dirty Costumes for Dudes

naked spiderman
Every year around this time websites feature lists of terrible costumes and/or dirty costumes for women because busty Rabbis are trendy for only one day a year.  But let’s not overlook men’s costumes and their ill-conceived attempts to be dirty and inappropriate.

monkey balls
felon boner
vagina costume
baywatch costume
mammogram costume
priest abuse
tampon pad costume
piss pants
dick head
pizza box costume
dick man
muff diving
red riding hood
snake charmer
birth costume
sheep sex
tampax costume
wine box

11 Responses to "25 Terrible, Dirty Costumes for Dudes"

  1. rageing says:

    the preist with the wee boy is fucking descusting and wrong and anybody who would wear that should be sent 2 jail and put in with al the other pedo’s sicko

  2. The Representative :) says:

    hanging nuts was the best.

  3. iamphoenix says:

    lady giving birth was the best.

  4. The Representative :) says:

    I liked the one with the hanging nuts it was very funny.

  5. iamphoenix says:

    I liked the lady giving birth it was pretty funny

  6. Anonymous me says:

    you are back your spamming poofter fuck off….

  7. ZungHow says:

    ROTFL, OMFG no way dude. Thats just WAY too funny


  8. skype_wanker says:

    he’s watching me masturbate?

    i dont care i want him to watch.

  9. aPlateOfGrapes.com says:

    Good stuff right here.

  10. xxKingofKingsxx says:

    Now thats some funny shit right there! good job HT

  11. DonkeyXote says:

    The bloody ninja pad was fucking hysterical! xD