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25 Things Creepier than the Dober-Man

This video has been out a couple of days now and nothing you say or do with it makes it any less disturbing, nor does it become any less obvious upon multiple viewings that this man has probably “accidentally” brushed against a dog’s ballsack more than is acceptable in our society. All that aside, here are 25 things even more offputting.

1. Making love to Danny DeVito
2. Tony Robbins asking you to taste his teeth.
3. Cheese-flavored lube
4. Finding your mom’s vibrator in your room
5. A vein in your chicken McNugget
6. Finding out the guy who gave you a prostate exam was actually an escaped mental patient
7. Jheri curls
8. Swimming in a leech-filled pond
9. Having a make out party with the ladies from The View.
10. Adult babies
11. The smell in the home of anyone who’s been a guest on Maury
12. Amish dirty talk
13. Having to sit next to a guy, who clearly hasn’t changed his sweat pants yet this week, on a Greyhound bus
14. Sitting in a quiet room with Joaquin Phoenix
15. Bikinis for men
16. People who suck on chicken bones
17. Shirtless Carrot Top
18. Carrot Top in a shirt
19. This shit

20. The eerie way the Disney Corporation whores out its underaged talent
21. Sex toys modeled after animal parts
22. Tranny hookers who don’t shave
23. That gross pee that forms on top of the mustard
24. Ryan Seacrest
25. Japan

3 Responses to "25 Things Creepier than the Dober-Man"

  1. aPlateOfGrapes.com says:

    #23 would me musquirt (thank you sniglets).

  2. Dr POoPenHEiNZ says:

    first to say this is really some creepy shit and everyone below me sucks donky balls

  3. Jo Ding says:

    Wow, I dunno dude. Dober Man is pretty freakin scary!