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25 Things Lana del Rey Sounds Like

If you missed SNL last night, count yourself lucky. Harry Potter hosted and for the most part he did a decent job and there were some funny skits but by far the most memorable skit of the night was musical guest Lana Del Rey performing her song Video Games. It was one of the most awful things ever on network television. This is not an opinion, this is fact. Those who defend del Rey’s performance probably also supported Herman Cain. Listen and see;

She dances between a medicated lounge singe and Kristen Wiig performing as a medicated lounge singer. But is that whee the comparisons end? No. And lest you get defensive remember, del Rey is the would-be singer who was thrust upon a massive viewing public under the guise of being something worth listening to. Unfortunately, this is what she sounded like;

  1. My dog’s ass after he sneaks some chili
  2. a melancholy hobo on a riverboat
  3. a large land mammal in mourning
  4. shit
  5. an internet singer trying to perform live on TV
  6. Glee having a stroke
  7. a poet from Starbucks
  8. the inside of Rebecca Black’s head
  9. Michael Clarke Duncan in the shower
  10. one of those talking trees from Lord of the Rings trying to seduce another tree
  11. the worst lyricist ever
  12. CHUD on Broadway
  13. a girl whose dad is a millionaire who bought her a music career
  14. Ashlee Simpson’s understudy
  15. the aural equivalent of an abscessed tooth
  16. lazy hatred in music form
  17. Un-autotuned digestion
  18. Love poetry from a highschool drop out who gets high too much
  19. a terrible sign of the times
  20. the musical version of Clint Howard’s career
  21. the worst musical guest on SNL in ages
  22. A dumpster magically granted life
  23. a Morlock
  24. Mr. Hanky’s warm up routine
  25. a joke on all of us

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