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25 Things Made More Awesome by Monocles

t rex in amonocle tattoo

Monocles are no longer just the territory of upper class gentleman who go whoring in a horse and carriage.  They’re for everyone and everything that wants to be a little more awesome on one side of their face.

dummy in amonocle

bender in a monocle

badass monocle dude

le monocle noir

ha ha guy

pokemon monocle

otter in amonocle

monocle cat

steampunk monocle

monocle dino fighting thor?


monocle gerbil

monocle dude

monocle panda boxing

monocle fish reading charts

monocle shark tattoo

monocle cat

monocle cartoon

monocle dwarf warcraft

wolf monocle

sesame street count

beaver in amonocle

monocle shark

nazi queen in amonocle

4 Responses to "25 Things Made More Awesome by Monocles"

  1. Juoppo says:

    wtf the last one??

  2. oh yeah says:

    Monacle on the Nazi slut retard.

    • DonkeyXote says:

      hehehe feel the burn!!

    • Dennis Nedry says:

      I think she’s just sick of all those blonde jokes.
      “I capture and torture two gorgeous brunettes and the world still doesn’t take me seriously.”