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25 Things to Do When You’re Naked

nude on horses

Nudity gets a bad rap these days, what with the conspiracy between Old Navy and the Gap to make us all wear hoodies instead of having boobies waving about all the time.  Screw Old Navy, here’s stuff you can do when you’re naked.  Other than cooking bacon and farming.  Well, once picture of farming.

naked guitar party

mude with a gun

nude bike riding

boatloads of naked people

naked on a ractor

nude push ups

nude sleepingon the beach

nude cycling

nude resue

nude flying

nude driving

nude dining

naked gymnasts

naked yoga

naked food buying

nude cycling

nude bungee jumpernudist dart players

nude guitar playing

nude with dog

arrested in the nude

naked winter sports

nude trampoline

naked construction

7 Responses to "25 Things to Do When You’re Naked"

  1. ShhhWHATT says:

    wish i had an uncensored gif of the last one

  2. THERE HAS TO BE! says:

    There HAS to be a video of the last one! link please!!

  3. Gregory Simmenson says:

    #16 is my cousin charles no joke

  4. Dick-In-A-box says:

    I like clothes.

  5. Critter says:

    i note a distinct lack of hot gals in all this nudity.

  6. Juphro says:

    You gotta cover up ass crack??? Fuckin lame…..