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25 Totally Obscene Cakes

cowgirl cake

Erotic cakes have been around since bakers first rolled out some dough and pretended it was a wang, but for the most part people stick with very simple, anatomical designs for their filthy desserts.  Others like to go all out with their edible smut.  In fact, we had to substitute some pics in the gallery because they were actually too graphic, which is impressive for a cake.  Anyway, special thanks to the London Cake Company – if you want smutty food done right (or regular cake too, we assume) they look like they can get the job done.

ass cake

orgy cake

tent sex

bondage cake

group sex cake

bed cake

ass cake

threesome cake

bondage gear cake

bear in bondage

bondage weiner

nurse cake

from behind cake

goatse cake

scuba dick


sex on the beach


lesbian cake

wedding BJ

hot tub sex

red eye


sheep sex

5 Responses to "25 Totally Obscene Cakes"

  1. OMGWTFBBQ says:

    I’m getting the fuck out of culinary..

  2. Myles Long says:

    The asshole cakes were disturbing and the fat pregnant cake people having sex looked delicious. mmm tig ole bittys!

  3. bad acid trip says:

    those brought up memories of some really fun birthdays

  4. Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

    goatse cake…. epic?