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25 Tubs That Won’t Get You Clean

girl in tub of chocolate

For the most part, a bath is just a way for you to stew in your own muck while pretending to get clean.  These baths are just ridiculous.

KFC in a tub

girl in spaghetti tub

tub of booze

girl in tub of cereal

mud bath

girl in nesquick

blue tub mess

bathtub full of cereal

girl in bathtub of golf balls

tub of toys

girl in bathtub of condoms

girl in tub of minnows

tub of burgers

stocking girl in cereal battub

house in a tub of pills

girl in tub full of money

girl in tub filled with cheetos

awful tub of ramen noodles

tub of beer

tub of I don't know

bathtub filled with cereal

guy in cereal bath

couple in cereal bath

cereal tub girl

8 Responses to "25 Tubs That Won’t Get You Clean"

  1. BonaFide says:

    I would get in the tub with the hot crazy pink haired girl with cereal, the hot crazy sock chick with cereal and the chocolate milk one with the hot black chick – maybe i just really like milk?

  2. Mexican Jesus says:

    Now I want Cheetos!

  3. DonkeyXote says:


  4. Omnomo says:

    why did you even put that last picture there if you knew you will have to censore it and completly dishonor the beauty of the nature

  5. bwahahah says:

    who’s that on the first pic?