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25 Un-Tooned Portraits

This finally proves that if cartoons were real, they would be pretty ugly dudes.


138 Responses to "25 Un-Tooned Portraits"

  1. Per Shitcunt says:

    yo yo yo i’ll kick your ass you nignagz

  2. Office Jerk, says:

    Nico bellic from gta and Marcus from gow are just cheap. Ther were pretty much like tha already. Popeye and buzz lightyear are my favoriteS

  3. lapd, son says:

    Your ridiculous punctuation is like a fingerprint.

  4. YoYoRetardDawgFuckaazzzz! says:

    The comments posted here are infinitely more amusing than the pics. I’m just excited to see that zoo animals are allowed internet access.

  5. Per what now? says:

    Thats just fucking 1337

  6. Per Johan says:

    yo seriosly hooba man dis anna be me goan off in da scooba jazzim furda wiznap inna dis dawgz mouch

  7. Anonymouse1 says:

    most of these are terrible. the one thing i have to complain strongly against Hans Moleman. he should be darker with far more disgusting skin.

    also Peter has red hair wtf?

  8. Anonymouse1 says:

    these commenters are not human

  9. Anonymouse1 says:

    what a dumbass. Ronald Reagan died fuggin years ago.

  10. Anonymouse1 says:

    i prefer shaven/waxed.

  11. Per johan says:

    slide me a peesa tha porter, on the drink side run da java

  12. Anonymous person says:

    All of yall are fucked up and shouldnt say retarded there are real people out there that are retarded. Yall are just low lifes that are not EDUCATED at all. SO GROW A PAIR AND GET A LIFE BUMS.

  13. Per Johan says:

    I love dick

  14. Per Johan faker says:

    Wow, I was trying to belittle him but it seems I was too authentic with my gangsta gibberish.

    >swells with pride<>bites cyanide capsule<

  15. Sir Per Johan says:

    You all had best desist, lest I come through this computer screen and give thee A.I.D.S.
    Woe betide ye haters for my gangster skills empower me to mete out physical punishment. Anonce, I am serious.

    I do not conduct myself in such a manner as to engage in exchanges of base disrespect and frivolity.

  16. Upset sucks a fat one says:

    It doesn’t matter what race he is. If he talks like that in real life, he will never have a job unless he’s washing my car or bagging my groceries. He’ll probably have to steal/sell drugs to make child support because he was too stupid to practice safe sex. Hopefully he’ll just get shot and quit polluting the Earth with his retarded offspring and with his awful existence.

    Unless he’s a rapper, then bling bling.

    “Upset”, you suck. Good luck trying to clean up the internet one smug and self important post at a time. Get a sense of humor and quit crying you little bitch.

  17. ClockWork says:

    Straight up! My sides are sore with laghter. Thank you ‘per johan,’ your stupidity rivals the likes of many of the cartoon characters depicted above. I ain’t hatin’, I’m just sayin.

  18. Me213334331423565 says:

    the pics are awesome but you all are gay.

  19. Dizzle says:

    Meg, Who let you back inside!

  20. Upset says:

    Why did you choose AIDS? Is that a disease you strictly associate with ‘gangstas’ and ‘niggas’? Or are you just so cowardly that you are expressing all the things you’d never say to a person in real life.

    No matter what you do, or don’t, say to me… ask yourself what is the driving mechanism for you to make fun of Per johan in particular AND include things into the insults that were never brought up? Was it really his horrible speach quality, or was it something more–like an opportunity to rag on that culture as a whole (a culture you obviously don’t understand why is in such shambles).

    Do you assume that the person who types like that is Black? What if they’re not from the ‘ghetto,’ not illiterate, don’t listen to rap, and do have a job and FEELINGS?

    This is a character defining moment for you, all of you who mock him in this way. I’m not condoning his replies… just shaking my head at how sad people really still are.

    Your nature is truly something frightening….

  21. Gah. says:

    I don’t think they meant for the AIDS comment to be racist, or any of it, for that matter.
    This ‘Per Johan’ is typing in what the stereo-typical ‘ghetto speak’ would sound like.
    Plenty of people do it in real life… Black, white, Latino, etc.
    However, typing it out does look pretty lame. Which is why they’re ragging on him (or her).

    Having all this been said…
    Each and every one of you has made me laugh my ass off today.

  22. Per Johan Sux Ballz says:

    Per Johan is declared himself a cack sukkor-was anyone really surprised?

  23. kestone buddywizer says:

    mario is the only close thing realy but the cartoon version of simpsons is 100% better and family guy so i dont care and i aint no gangster so i dont talk like “yoyo whats up home g” i just dont understand no affence not trying to be mean or any thing so sorry i guss and the gramer wow ok i am sorry for the insults bu no affence.

  24. kestone buddywizer says:

    ronald reagan please he died below 2010 so dont lie!!!

  25. john says:

    u are all gay but kestone buddywizer he has a point so fuck off everybody

  26. kestone buddywizer says:

    hey dont be mean man that aint right

  27. john says:


  28. JesusEatsBabies says:

    Successful troll was successful.

  29. Ronald Reagan says:

    My fingerprint has never and never will be layed upon anything, speaking of spreading the word I had a bucket of chicken last night finger looking good times wait what time is it stop……REAGAN TIME thats right enjoy it smell it rub it and ohh ronald made a mess.

  30. Maggs says:

    Agreed about buzz being hot

  31. Per Johan says:

    i luv hairy balls…….oh and penis

  32. Setracani says:

    Is it not Loathing that a man feels twords his fellow human,
    Is it not the feeling of humor that stirs his reactions,
    Is it not the failing of the wise to teach to the simpleton,
    or is it fried chicken that is to blame for all the ills of spring?

    Can we as humans not find humor in all things and not be oppressed by the ill will of a watermelon?

    Or is it the will of the emasculated pop-tart that calls us all to action?

    Either way, Time has stopped and the world was destroyed last Tuesday at 9:00am…or was that in 2015? I can never get that one straight..well that and how you fix a temporal hibber filled flux inducted kernal phucker MK II with the Kx subtronic stabalizer…oh well…

    Plinger Hoffen Your Nik-Niks!

  33. Beedly Boo says:

    Don’t laugh, the internet is serious bizniz.

    At the end of days, when Jesus comes to judge us all, Upset will show him a printout of this online comment conversation, and you will all be cast into the flames below!!!

  34. TG99 says:

    I’d totally bang Meg.

  35. your moms gay says:

    fuck niggas!!!!!!!

  36. Zyanya says:

    Meg, doesn’t seem that big in the show…..

    Link looks good though :D

  37. A chick says:

    Buzz Lightyear = EFFING HOT…who knew ? lol

  38. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    I KNOW, RIGHT!!!!

  39. Juden says:

    Go to Hell Johan ! I hope the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch.

  40. themagickreport says:

    i LOVE how any forum left on the internet for too long turns into a human horrorshow of ignorance and people argueing….
    get a life
    and what kind of comeback is ‘go sit in a corner and shit yourself’
    where did you learn to insult people?
    so from cartoon portraits to wiggers
    internet i salute you

  41. Phil Jones says:

    Seems about right. With all the man tension ya’ll should have a sausage orgy! Get to it queers! I wanna’ jizz all over your faces!

  42. Ronald Reagan says:

    First off let me introduce myself as Mr Reagan Ronald, wait thats Ronald Mr Reagan wait no no no no no Mr Ronald Reagan it is but you can call me Uncle Ronny so these pics reminded me of the time i took some pictures at the beach and took them home woke up a few hours later with a watermelon, a stick of beef jerky, some hand lotion, and last but not least one tube sock

    Do I even have to tell you what I did well fuck you and fuck the packers too end of the story I wasnt hungry but the sock was stuck to my back, and the pictures were stuck together

    you ask what does this story have to do with anything just ask me and Ill fill in the missing details believe that because i said that and im just not some guy who goes around and makes up stories except that one time about BREAK THE WALLS DOWN why did i yell that anyways

    Ronald OUT

  43. Democracy? Oh you mean Capitalism says:

    Im really happy to see all this spirit and motivation. Our society really needs to root out these ignorant narrow minded fucks, So good job everyone. Way to raise the standard for average thinking ^o^

  44. per johan's mom says:

    Per Johan… just lol, definitely some fucking retard out of the ghetto or something. I think pigeon English (an official language apparently) is more understandable than that shit u wrote lmao

  45. :P says:

    Omg beedly boo, “noone” isn’t a word. So annoying.

  46. daltongrl says:

    i know plenty of white people that live in the ghetto so don’t pin one persons ignorance on one specific type of neighborhood or even one specific race as a white girl who chooses to live in the ghetto ignorance is ignorance no matter where you go and where you live

  47. Beedly Boo says:

    Actually, lashing out at me because I started a sentence with actually really can’t be much better than me lashing out at Per for talking in slang.

    I shouldn’t continue attempting to defend myself though, you’ve seen through me to the core. I was hoping noone would notice, but clearly anyone who rankles when people sling the word racist around hates all races. Its the only explanation for such behavior.

  48. :D says:


  49. facepalm says:

    you idiots don’t know a troll when you see one do you.

  50. elainaboo says:

    This was highly entertaining. Thanks.

  51. Captain Obvious says:

    Yes I recognized you right away.

  52. Poodessy says:

    hahahahaha dude dont diss someones shit if you talk like that… honestly

  53. Jah says:

    This was all a big mistake. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Brb summoning meteor.

  54. David says:

    nah dawg on the real I’ma come thru dis screen and wup ya head boi…fareal…fareal…hahahah what a douchebag go to college or something you fucking loser

  55. why? says:

    i believe that every single one of you has problems
    seriously,look at all you people arguing about race at a site thats just showing cartoons as real people
    all this pointless arguing that has been done before
    all of you think you have something to prove when really its already been said
    i normally could care less about this,but seeing the ridiculous amount of comments while trying to get to REAL comments, pissed me off, and even though i know youll all just turn around and childishly insult me when you know i have a point, i feel that this must be said

    you all need a fucking hobby,stop talking shit on the internet that only wastes space and my time,if you cant do that,at least take it somewhere where youre actually on topic

    thank you

  56. Just A Reader says:

    Hey ppl Are Retarded, Texas isnt a city. Why do ppl get on the internet and try to out wit ppl and act like they are smarter or all high and mighty… Fuck all of you, your all insecure.

  57. meph says:

    yo dog, you trippin, naw im sayin aiight, gangsta. jus gotta giv a shot out to my shawtieee booo per john, thanks fo suckin the joint yo mouf so pretty n shit, but yo retarded ass needs to not drool all over the muthafuckin couch again yo, my baby momma gona know you bitch retarded gay ass be creepin round here dog aiiiight? naw im sayin homie, g slice

    You sound like a moron Per John. Pick up a dictionary learn some real words, get your ass to the corner store and fill out an application. Get a job and be a productive member of society.

    What a waste of air this guy is.

  58. h4x0r says:

    omgz lol.

    he is gonna sue you for libel, subopena you to court, get your name and like theres gonna be a drive by shooting.

  59. Per Johan's English teacher says:

    yo yo yo my dawgs, dont you be makin fun on my homie PJ. My man made it thro my clas with flyin colers

    sho somm respect! yay herd?

  60. IMFROMTHE HOOD says:

    Honestly people i’m 13 years old i’m from the hood and i talk like i’m white stupidnest has nothing to do with racisim so really i’m only replying because while i was on here i love looking at people’s comments and seeing that these comments wasn’t for these pictures was a waste of time for me which really made me angre so i figured if i got on here and showed you that i’m 13 and know for a fact that everybody who was in that whole little conversation makes me laugh then again cry because you guys are really childish please i’m asking you all nicely find you something todo and stop embarrasing yourselfs just incase you don’t know alot of people be on adultswim.com dumbass even i got more sense then all of you and i’m only thirteen thanks for your time Sincerly Tiana*.

  61. Black Guy says:

    lmao beedly boo FTW… N JUS TO clarify… black people dont talk like that at all not even the ghetto ones… seriously…smh

  62. Per johan says:

    Yo this aint no funny yo man this aint no good u better start doin somethin else dawg just sayin

  63. Daniel says:

    Hahaha… and you need to stop sounding retarded… yo

  64. Per johan says:

    I aint retarded u little shitfucker, u go in a corner n shit urself or somethin u loonie

  65. clubf00t says:

    wow u r a fuckin retard

  66. Upset says:

    I’m disappointed at the fact that people assume people with bad grammar come from the ‘ghetto’. Shows how stereotypical everyone who contributed negatively to this conversation is. Even if it was ‘in jist’ or ‘out of fun’. Not once did Per johan use the n-word, yet someone else saw fit to toss it in.

    No one has to agree with me; however, don’t scoff when people say racism and prejudice are still alive. You all just have the balls to say what you’re secretly thinking over the internet, and not to anybodies face.

    Grow up.
    Please and thank you.

  67. Per johan says:

    u dont seem to understand dawg. and who does understand? normal ppl, dude, ur the retard not me now u go in a corner n shit ur pants dawg

  68. Daniel says:

    Let me speak in your language…

    Yo dawg, u gotz to stop speakin like sum wana be gangsta, nigga. Jus cuz u buy them rap records don’t mean u r hardcore n shit. Jus makes u fuckin retarded, yo.

  69. Per johan says:

    dude, seriosly? u wann me to kick the crap outo u?

  70. Daniel says:

    Actually yeah… I would love to see how you can pull this off over the internet… you gonna jump through the screen or something?

  71. Jizz Monkey says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha, you guys crack me up! Anybody who is actually getting pissed needs to get a hobby. There is absolutely no reason to get angry over anything that could possibly be said on here. Fuckin funny ass shit!!!

  72. Per Johan 2 says:

    This guy is such a fucking fag. Can’t believe he’s threatening people. LOSER

  73. kestone buddywizer says:

    well this is all stupid so the all need a life cusing and all man i am like literly you are retarted to the wana be gangsters so i know what u r feelin.

  74. wigidy says:

    yo yo bam yo digitiy sticky icky.

  75. momsbasement says:

    hey beedly boo or whatever, while we’re on the subject, go fuck yourself.

    “Actually, assuming a person with poor english comes from the ghetto is not racist. The ghetto is not a race. Are you implying that just because we’re insulting people from the ghetto we’re also insulting black people? Are all poor people black? You should be ashamed of yourself, that is a horrible display of bigotry.”

    people who start a sentence with “actually,” make me want to punch them in the colon.

    this is exactly the type of elistist prickism you mention in your next pg. YES IT DOES IMPLY black people when youre talking about the ghetto – how many white motherfuckers do you think live there? the exception isn’t the rule. please stop acting all innocent; when white assholes on their parents’ internet are talking shit behind a screen name about this and that in the ghetto – THEY ARE being racist 99% of the time. what fucking country do you think this is? AMERICA AND MODERN CAPITALISM AS YOU KNOW IT WAS FOUNDED ON RACISM – people are calling racist on you all the time – probably – because you are, in reality, a completely oblivious racist fuckneck.

    “Also, noone likes the white knight (see what I did there?) who comes in calling “racist”. Not only is your accusation illogical, you’re being an elitist prick. The man was being an ass, and he was called out on it, thats the way it works.”

    /laugh at you. ass how, he didnt like it?

    “If you dont get enough opportunities to feel superior by slinging the word “racist” at people (which is, by the way, every bit as hateful as any slur, and as inappropriate if undeserved) why don’t you got apply for a job at CNN”

    beedly boo: youre a fucking racist if ive ever met one. you’re welcome. you’re a racist, i’m an admitted racist, everyone in america is, and the only way to heal is to admit how fucking racist the whole system is. If you deny it or try to explain away our country’s rich heritage of slavery, you are a racist.

    if thats how dude talks/types, who the fuck are you to make fun of him whether its a ghetto, polish, or fucking unicorn accent?

    here’s the most important bit, and why i’m typing this:

    HE’S RIGHT, THE PICTURES SUCK, THIS WEBSITE IS SHIT, THE COMMENTS ARE SHIT, and i’m never coming back here again so dont bother replying.

    rant off.

  76. craz mexican 2 says:

    yo yo yo yo per john….. ya your f**ing retarted

  77. Per John Replyer says:

    Wow…somehow people always find a way to make it racist.
    The guy can’t structure a cohesive sentence for his life and tells people to shit their pants as an exclamatory attack!? Whether he’s from the ghetto or the palace, the dude is retarded. Grow up, race has nothing to do with stupidity and just because you’re trying to make yourself feel better by telling other people they’re racist doesn’t make you any better either.

  78. Beedly Boo says:

    Actually, assuming a person with poor english comes from the ghetto is not racist. The ghetto is not a race. Are you implying that just because we’re insulting people from the ghetto we’re also insulting black people? Are all poor people black? You should be ashamed of yourself, that is a horrible display of bigotry.

    Also, noone likes the white knight (see what I did there?) who comes in calling “racist”. Not only is your accusation illogical, you’re being an elitist prick. The man was being an ass, and he was called out on it, thats the way it works.

    If you dont get enough opportunities to feel superior by slinging the word “racist” at people (which is, by the way, every bit as hateful as any slur, and as inappropriate if undeserved) why don’t you got apply for a job at CNN

  79. omgwtfbbq says:

    Six year olds shouldn’t have access to the internet. Don’t mind me asking why you type that that? Is your keyboard missing a few vowels?

  80. Rick says:

    This guy is why the internet rules. Dawg. Hahaha.

  81. JAzy says:

    Come on people. All this shit eveyone is talking about one another makes no since. This is fucking Adult Swim, o and Im from the Ghetto and noone talks like that in my hood. sooooooo i think u all just waisted your time… though i must admit it was pretty amusing :-*

    Tah Tah FUCKERZ

  82. Per Johan's Vagina says:

    I never jump into conversations, but I am so proud of everyone! There’s nothing like banding together against stupidity.

  83. Per johan's special ed teacher says:

    Juz sayin, juz sayin, yo yo yo, i ain’t nevah heard bout no physical threats on the internet before. oh shit, my brain can’t work as fast as my mouth and stuff so i gotta use words like dawg and yo to compensate for my severe mental handicap. just sayin, just sayin… oh, shit i can’t do anything over the internet. maybe i juz reach thru it and punch ya in ya face, dawg. how do i upload a fist, yo?

  84. Per johan says:

    yo yo just cause a nigga like penis in his butt dont mean yall got to be so mean to a gangsta. I took it up the butt three times today so yall just get in line if you want to give me number four yo.

  85. I hate everyone on the internet says:

    LMMFAO this comment thread is WAY funnier that what i originally came here for. XD

  86. WOOP WOOP! says:

    It don’ take uh genius ta jive like uh fucking retard. Vanilla ice in da crib bitches! and shit.

  87. People are Retarded says:

    The first ghettos were actually only white people. Ghettos nowadays are populated with mexicans, blacks, whites and Asians from what I’ve seen. I live in Houston, TX the 4th largest city in the nation and our ghettos are comprised of the aforementioned lot. I didn’t see anyone say nigger… I saw nigga. I hear nigga all day long from blacks why can’t I say it. None of you dickheads know what the fuck you are talking about. The first guy was a retard and he sounded like Emminem taught him how to speak. Why are you d-bags fucking having a race war on Adult Swim .com anyway? Suck a dick cunt faces.

  88. Nosorog says:

    Хрена себе! Самый первый чувак вообще жжот непадеццки! Аффтар красава, пешы исчо!
    Жаль тема ёбли не раскрыта…
    И нахуй первонахов!

  89. twiztedseamonkey says:

    lol. the comments were by far more hilarious than all the pictures!

  90. Anonymousq says:

    why didn’t they do any nigger cartoons?

  91. Annieo says:

    Oh my god. Charlie Brown has fetal alcohol syndrome. I never noticed until now….

  92. BAKEDOGG69 says:

    WOW you two retards argue on the internet like retards in the Special Olympics. NO mater what… nobody ever wins…. think about that….

  93. mr.Jackels says:

    Marcus Fenix and Niko Belic look badass cause their facial structures are two realistic to be ugly in real life.Another example of a game like that is star wars the force unleashed.The main character’s facial structure in that is nearly flawless

  94. your ed-teacher says:


  95. Fuck you that's why says:

    What can I say? The internet is everyones dream come true. A place where the world can see you for what you really are. If it’s a retard, dickhead, smartass, knows_it_all, or just a plan nobody, you still get to show people what you want to show them……like turning cartoons into real live people, which is what this post was suppose to be about but I see the youtube fuckers are everywhere. Meh.

  96. poop says:

    For one, per johan is a fucking retarded ass clown and fits and deserves every stereotype that is thrown at him. And two, “Upset” needs to stop being such a sensitive pussy. You my friend, are a aging, hippie, liberal, douche…yo, dawg.

  97. TheEducatedMan says:

    I just have to say….what the FUCK!!! is this guy say’n. I work in a store were all these people come in talk’n all retarded and they call it gangsta….oh we’re scared. Fuck’n grow up and get a job you piece of shit. No one and I mean no one can understand you except you retarded shit fuck friends. People like you per johan need to be taken care of if you hear me.

    stop taken my air you waste of life.

  98. dario says:

    yo this aint real but it is pretty funny

  99. Me213334331423565 says:


  100. ПатькА says:

    and why komentarii not on Russian?

  101. No Hope for Humanity says:

    More and more people, care less and less about what they say or do in a public forum.
    This whole blog page is a prime example of why our society is doomed to collapse.
    No morals, no sense of decency, no respect for themselves, anyone, or anything.
    I stopped on this web page to check out some clever photoshop images.
    What I found in the blog was not only inappropriate and off topic, it is vulgar, disgusting and reprehensible! You should be ashamed of yourselves!
    But I know you won’t.
    When society does fall, (and it will) most of you won’t know how to survive and will perish.

  102. badgirl says:

    actually buzz is kinda hot haha xxxxxxxxxx

  103. Well, says:

    So since everybody decided to make it racist, there is another offense that everyone is using which is really is just not okay. The word is retarded
    In this case, it is used to describe a stupid, uneducated, asshole.
    Well I’m a special-education teacher and when I hear that word it breaks my heart. So what these kids were born with problems, and unlike this guy Per John or whatever, they are extremely smart, nice, sweet, passionate, and amazing. If you are there for them they will love you forever. I am extremely lucky to have those kids in my life, and they usually end up teaching me at the end of day what it is like to have no bias and prejudice. They love you for who you are and we should all learn something from these kids.
    So while you are off talking about using the N-word and turning this into a race issue
    There is a lot more than racism going on and you need to show respect to people who are less fortunate than you.
    Shame on you.

  104. BBW FO LIFE says:

    Yall jus sum plain Bitch Assz. GET FUCKED!


    NiGGaZ BE”Z A HaTiiN ON NIiGgA

  105. Serg says:

    Ну приколы!))) Один только Патрик чего стоит! Класс!!!

  106. Fengor says:

    Troll harder Per johan, I don’t think you’ve angered them yet.

  107. statesux says:

    Haha i knew this dude who liked zelda… He carried around a flute that looked like well.. nm anyway, lol, he’d play it all around our campus.. also had a boy who talked to pencils… I need to get out of state college. lmao.

  108. Ken Russell says:

    Y’all are so goddamned funny it made my morning reading this shit. If only I knew where the old microsoft comic stip chat utility BS was then I’d rofl.

  109. twistedcortex says:

    everyone, except the Meg one, looks creepy. I would like to do the real-life Meg(she’s cute and thick).

  110. BrutalDeluxe says:

    Kill yourself – Now

  111. Per johan says:

    wtf man? i aint like that dawg, u gonna try be like me u better try harder yo,

  112. btchmthrfckr says:

    bitch plz i gots to side wiff my man PJ cuz all u guyze are crazyie this ain’t no joke u goats to go SHIT. IN. THAT. CORNER.
    yaherd? peace bytchezzz

  113. Figure it out says:


  114. Per johan says:

    my bad nigga, my cock fell off last nite. shit got me trifflin nigga. yoyo yippii skippi dogg, word…

  115. Beedly Boo says:

    Don’t worry, whichever drug it was that destroyed his mind will surely kill him soon.

  116. VashKovb says:

    ok some of these are actually belivable some are just fucking hilarious. And to the twit who thinks he can jump through his screen and fight someone, the only person who is retarded is you for acting big and bad online when in real life your some white suburban rich kid who has daddy and mommy pay for everything. So SHUT THE FUCK UP YA FUCKTARD.

  117. meoby says:

    he looks just like petter weller.. aka robo cop

  118. Wassat says:

    Who’s #21?

  119. Army Cook says:

    My name is Damien, I’m going to withhold my last name. Im a soldier in S.Korea, stationed at Suwon AFB. First I would like to say thank you to the individuals who have a since of humor. It is funny, it made me laugh. Secondly I would like to apologize for laughing at the emotionally delicate. I understand that you have your reasons for being that way. I would like to thank every American for speaking their minds… Id like to lie and say that, Its a reason for fighting. But honesty is often the best way to figure out how the home, that I am employed to preserve, is doing. Im not educated, Im a former user, AA poster boy, high school drop-out, dork of a kind. But back on subject, my point is every American was born with the right to say … pretty much anything that they want… It is a freedom and a right. So thank you. Lastly these pictures are so scary its funny.

  120. kratos says:

    fuck its not like that, thay will look more rely.

  121. kratos says:

    ok damien go to helllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! you mother fucker

  122. Army Cook says:

    :) Aren’t freedoms fun. I feel better. And apparently so do you.

  123. pratik says:

    Mario looks a little like Price from MW2.

  124. Bad Angel210 says:

    R u a FUCKING lesbien, girls don’t say other girls r hot, get ur facts straight

  125. Wtf? says:

    Meg is hot.I would knock that big camel toe loose.lol

  126. btchmthrfckr says:

    hey, yo don’t be hatin’ on meg she’s real hot. i maen REAL. hot. dude she’s like all animated and shitl… dude that’s my shit.

  127. Anonymousy says:

    eww at Meg.However, that being said, I’d still hit that , nice tits.

  128. Inked Mario says:

    her tits are already sagging u take off the shirt & they’re hanging by the button…ewwwww sorry dude FAIL

  129. JaZy says:

    Maan i’ll take megs cheeeeeeeeeeckz!!!!!!!!!!!

    real or not

  130. Rosie says:

    Meg is hot!

  131. Random Drifter, has been forced to watch the Xote m.b.s says:

    #13: DonkeyXote

  132. DISGRUNTLED says:

    Patrick looks like one of the friggin’ cenobytes.

  133. Liz says:

    Buzz and Marcus are actually pretty hot… >.>

  134. shmoo says:

    at least we know if they do a gears of war movie they can use shane carwin lol

  135. Jo Densen says:

    Wow, Link from Zelda is AMAZING!


  136. andres says:

    yeah buzz does look pretty tight, you know who else looks tight is niko belic from GTA 4, he looks exactly like the dude off behind enemy lines

  137. People are Retarded says:

    Dude, I’d fuck the shit out of Buzz Light Year. I’d like to 3-some with him and Niko.