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25 Unfortunate Bathing Suits

Summer is winding to a close and that means your chances to go to the beach and see monstrosities like these are becoming less and less.


8 Responses to "25 Unfortunate Bathing Suits"

  1. Anonymoussss says:

    If you wanted credit, you’d have said which picture.

  2. malingering says:

    One of those photos is mine and I was not given credit.

  3. Jo Danny says:

    Wow, downright scary dude.


  4. Suck_it says:


  5. OlbrieN says:

    That 4th picture counting from the bottom is from gaki no tsukai. Can’t remember the sketch though, it reminds me the 5 rangers sketch, but it isn’t.

  6. SURPRISE! says:

    No one gives a shit.

  7. Dr POoPenHEiNZ says:

    your a fucking queer for watching that shit

  8. Stock Swings says:

    I hate what Borat has started.