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25 Uses For Old Beer Cans

Don’t just throw away those empties! Check this out!


30 Responses to "25 Uses For Old Beer Cans"

  1. Jewish guy says:

    this is what you american shit faggots do with your spare time, lol

    you shit faggots dont have any future


  2. Jennifer Fay says:

    Peter, I’m so glad you like her cans. Wait until you get home and I open a can of Whoop Ass and smack you around…Sweet Heart : )

  3. Ryan.........FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Lol Jennifer Fay,Do you know him?He already has a Girlfreind..Her name is Kailey.

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  6. Stick says:

    Cool ass Vespa.

  7. Ryan Klug says:

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  8. DonkeyXote is the new Philosopher says:

    The comments are better than the articles on here lately.


  9. Turbo Tax says:

    I like the last set of cans.

  10. dilbert says:

    yeah, let’s see some beer can mud wrestling.

  11. DonkeyFucker says:

    Fuck you homo’s!!

  12. Suck it! says:


  13. DonkeyBlowMe says:

    I so wanna beat the living shit out of a homo like you! They don’t call me Big Mac for nuttin!

  14. DonkeyBlowMe©™ says:

    You pretentious gimpy little bitch!!!

    The only reason they call you Big Mac is because you have the most meat between your buns!!


  15. Stinkhole Twink says:

    Little boats = http://bit.ly/1vThqe

  16. thesignal says:


  17. Ben Affleck says:

    Isn’t that what got us famous?
    Well, you got famous. I became biggest d-bag in cinema history.

    … lol my captcha was “extreme wholesale”
    sounds like I have a new business idea / reality TV show

  18. Ben Affleck says:

    Bunch of deep seeded faggotry here. Imagine if these idiots used their time posting idiotic comments on random internet sites instead of making all that unimpressive shit out of beer cans.

  19. Matt Damon says:

    I’d like to deep seed my faggotry in between your meaty ass flaps.


  20. Q says:

    I’d take the last set the rest can be recycled…

  21. Q says:

    NM R2D2 Can stay too, would need some one to document it

  22. Peter Fay says:

    I like the Blondes cans ; )

  23. pratik says:

    So I’m guessing the girls in the last pic drink a lot of water.

  24. pratik's mother says:

    Don’t be stupid son! I drink a lot of your cum and I don’t look like a used condom. Oh wait?

  25. THE REAL Olala says:

    Probably, I personally prefer semen not only is it rich in vitamins but protein as well, and the tingly sensation lingers for a while when you swallow it.

  26. DonkeyXote's sequential hermaphrodite sister says:

    See what I did there? I am trying to set patrik and DonkeyXote up for a little feud of their own, maybe then I can finally get someone else to join me in this lonesome battle.


  27. Bucket Headed Monkey says:

    holy shit B2D2

  28. Bucket Headed Monkey says:



  29. Festering Anal Herpes says:

    i hope you all get hep c from eating all of this shit.

    theres a lot better thing u could do with a can, theres not even any homeless people.

    praise allah, white power

    malcom x youz my nigga

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