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25 Vintage Harry Houdini Posters

houdini in handcuffs

Today is Harry Houdini’s birthday.  Please celebrate by paying no attention to Criss Angel.

houdini king of cards

houdini in a milk can

artsy farsty houdini

houdini metamorphosis

houdini article

houdini getting locks up

houdini in egypthoudini in shackles and chains

houdini upside down

houdini poster

houdini seance

houdini poster

houdini straight jacket

houdini cell

weird houdini

houdini tickethiudini in courthoudini poster

houdini flyer

houdini upside down

houdini ad

houdini in chains

houdini water cell

houdini and a robot

One Response to "25 Vintage Harry Houdini Posters"

  1. Nickjaa says:

    i think if i lived back then i wouldn’t go to houdini’s shows, the same why i don’t watch torture porn today. “He’s in a locked waterfilled tank upside down?? ugh!!! i couldn’t watch that!”