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25 Ways to Show Carmageddon Who’s Boss

toyota i-unit

If you’re not in California, Carmageddon may just be a video game to you.  But it’s worth noting that, in and around Los Angeles, the 405 freeway is being shut down for massive construction.  Is this a big deal?  Big enough that every media outlet is calling it Carmegeddon and the mayor of LA has advised people to just not go outside this weekend due to the projected massive traffic problem this will cause.  But it won’t cause you any problems if you use some of these alternative travel methods to bob and weave your way through the crowds.

weird bike


lion riding

roller blade

horse drawn


chair bike


some kind of scooter


teddy roosevelt on amoose


personal hovercraft

multi bike

wood cycle


pogo stick



tuk tuk

riding an alligator

running things

horse drawn wheel


6 Responses to "25 Ways to Show Carmageddon Who’s Boss"

  1. Benji800 says:

    Why is the guy on the unicycle using a dynamo to power his erection?

  2. bad acid trip says:

    I can’t wait for Carmageddon, it will be the first time in history watching a traffic jam will be entertaining!

  3. DonkeyXote says:

    Kiwi ingineering on the last one, motherfuckers!!!