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25 Weird Mailboxes



74 Responses to "25 Weird Mailboxes"

  1. Anonymous099 says:

    I’ve driven by that blue handgun mailbox more then a few times (or at least one just like it). It’s just outside a tiny town in Illinois.

  2. Ben Affleck says:

    A firm response. My question has been answered!

  3. . says:

    Because we don’t care about new people faggot!

  4. Santi says:

    These are great! I laughed my arse off.

  5. Hot pile says:

    It is Justin you tard…. not Jason. Awesome reply by the way. You nailed it!

  6. Ben Affleck says:

    How come nobody points out that HT may actually have some new visitors that haven’t seen these before.

    Who cares if they’re repeats. HT updates like 5 times a day, so all you have to do is masturbate to the last girl they posted for a couple hours and you’ll have something else (maybe not necessarily new) to complain about.

  7. Bestial man says:

    Suck my fucking hairy balls dude

  8. Anonymouscharlie says:

    wow thats weird i’ve actually seen 2 of these in real life. the first gun mailbox is in negril jamacia, and the manatee one is in st peteresburg flordia. weird.

  9. Judas WOods says:

    Wow, absolutely amazing!


  10. Dirk Diggler says:



    FIRST BITCHES, eat big foots dick

  11. assman says:


  12. Needs Therapy says:

    Reviewing the photos, it seems some have been repeated. I, and obviously others (including major political candidates) have not only noted this, but taken umbrage umbrage umbrage. Some “pap smear” named Jason is disssssssing those who point this out…getting his dick in wad, and there ain’t that much to tie up….when you fuck up Jason, be a man. Xote and the regulars have your back.

  13. Phil Jones says:

    The fact that some of you fucks know these are repeats is a trip. Go outside and get a tan you pasty fucks. Wait i’m pasty too. Nvm. These are repeats! Fucking LAME!

  14. snelb7 says:

    wow theres 1 repeat and thats all u guys can say!

  15. pANTZ mAGEE says:

    some of them were hilarious…btw…2nd motorbike ftw!!! oh nd the camera!!!!

  16. lexi says:

    the one with the manatees is in long beach island new jersey we drive by it every year on vacation haha

  17. Dixie Normous says:

    I didn’t repeat, I am lame.

  18. Moustache'd Charlie says:

    Meh, some got a chuckle out of me…

  19. Tiger Woods says:

    I just came here for the awesome pussy.

  20. minimous says:

    People Are Repeats. Christ is Lame There.

  21. Tallywacker says:

    Will everyone just SHUT THE FUCK UP!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!! Too bad your dad repeated pumping your mother. Those repeats led to the existence of you guys and your annoying, catty, gay arguing.

  22. i ruin stuff like ur mum runied my hymin says:


  23. Xzibit says:

    Yo dawg, I heard you liked repeats, so I put a repeat on your repeat so you can repeat repeating while you repeat repeats.

  24. TREX says:

    Lame it is, Repeats it must be

  25. Bestial man says:

    Christ Jesus, people. repeats, There are.

  26. e says:

    jesus christ, people. shut the fuck up.

  27. $tretchy $phincter says:

    that is repeat. There are lame

  28. Repeats, Lamely. says:

    the rear erep eatst hat isla me.

  29. Joe Dirt says:


  30. yes!! says:

    there are repeats? that is lame.

  31. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    there there are are repeats repeats,, that that is is lame lame..

  32. Anonymous says:

    these are lame repeats. retards

  33. Sarah Palin says:

    There are repeats; that is lame!

  34. Rahm Emmanuel says:

    There are lame, that is repeats

  35. Anonymouszssss says:

    There are repeats, That is lame

  36. Twattage Cheese says:

    there are repeats, that is lame.

  37. not your mother says:

    there are repeats, that is lame.

  38. analbag says:

    jesus christ, people. There are repeats

  39. Anonymous Person says:

    Repeats there are, lame that is.

  40. Mark says:

    Er zijn herhalingen, dat is suf.

  41. Crazy Person says:

    That is, the repeates there are lame

  42. Anonymeh says:

    The C in C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER repeats, that is lame.

  43. Dilly says:

    Wait who’s repeating what now?

  44. Merew says:

    TThheerree aarree rreeppeeaatts,, tthhaatt iiss llaammee..

  45. searley says:

    Repeats Are Lame, There is That

  46. Anon Anon Anon Anon Anon says:

    il ya des répétitions qui est boiteux

    That’s french for……

  47. oryfoxer7410 says:

    There are repeats, that is lame

  48. Chris Alexander says:

    Repetisjoner er dette, lamt er det!

  49. Hashbrown says:

    Hay repeticiones, eso es cojo.

  50. Marius says:

    Det er repitisjoner. Det er lammt

  51. Johann Sebastian Bach says:

    Es gibt repeats. Das makes die Musik longer.

  52. des says:


  53. Anonymous 187 says:

    repeats there are, lame that is

  54. Arve says:

    There are repeats. Is that lame?

  55. SUPERMAN says:

    THERE ARE REPEATS!?!?!?!?!? that IS LAMEDRAGONS!!!!!!!!

  56. Andi says:

    What are repeats, are they lame?

  57. Supernovastyling says:

    There are repeats. that is lame.

  58. Anonymous? says:

    For there are repeats, so it tis lame.

  59. MaxSpain says:

    Agreed. The daily links get reposted quite often. I do like however that HT chooses not to deny that they repost and just flame whoever points it out.

  60. e says:

    hahaha, awesome.

  61. justin says:
    That’s a link to someone else’s site. Why are we responsible for the content there? If you’re just looking for something to complain about, I’d suggest that huge dick you have crammed in your mouth right now.
  62. You Suck says:

    Yeah because you would run the shit out of a website, wouldn’t you? You would be so amazingly awesome that no LINK would ever be repeated. Because links make sites. That’s why I come here. For the links. Douche.

  63. Ronnie says:

    Maybe you haven’t grasped the concept of a link versus a gallery. I said you have posted the same link “13 epic beer guts”, from the SuperTremendous website. Your emo-ass has reposted that lame link 6 times now. Now run along now Justin, back to your handlers at Break.com, I heard they have a wicked prank video of some gay couple putting flour in their blow dryer.

  64. justin says:
    All of our galleries have 25 pics, so we would never post anything called "13 Epic Beer Guts". Way to drop the ball on that one, you fucking retard.
  65. Ronnie says:

    Repeats? HT has reposted the same link “13 epic beer guts” 6 times now. The site has gone to shit.

  66. get ass cancer, you molestor says:

    I used to come here for the content. Now I just come for the comments.

  67. 2008 Taxes says:

    The microwave is totally redneck and awesome.

  68. incorrects says:

    Wow guys, way to double check before posting.

  69. Inked Mario says:

    oh and btw, the 2nd mailbox has my address written all over it :)

  70. Inked Mario says:

    Those of you saying this shit is old, obviously have too much time on your hands. “Oh wait, I’ve seen this on another website where I’ve seen it, bcuz I have no life and all I do is sit and look @ stupidity online all day”. You fukkerz are laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Get out and get off the comp, life is too short to be worried about insignificant BS. Grow up and grow a pair, gdmanit. No 1 cares!!!!

  71. It wasn't me says:

    Well, in spite of the ONE repeat that evidentally just got everyone’s panties in a huge wad, I thought this was very interesting and entertaining! OCD much everyone???

  72. DonkeyXote's Tranny Mom says:

    The 5th one looks just like our mail box, just that in place of a tiger, we usually put DonkeyXote in there and charge 50 cents a pop to view the disgusting obese old man boy.

  73. s3xt0y says:

    some of em are pretty cool.

  74. Anonymou says:

    there are repeats, that is lame