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25 World of Warcraft Tattoos

horde armor

By and large the World of Warcraft is regarded as a nerd game, but there’s nothing nerdy about getting a hot Night Elf branded into your flesh.  Right?

murloc tattoo

druid tattoo


moonkin tattoo

pandaren tattoo

blood elf tattoo

lich king tattoo

wow tattoo

murloc tattoo

sprite darter tattoo

spirit healer

night elf tattoo

undead tattoo

pandaren tattoo

lich king helmet

gnome rogue

wow back piece

dragon whelp

worgen tattoo

illidan tattoo

murloc tattoo

tauren tattoo

worgen tattoo

illidan tattoo

6 Responses to "25 World of Warcraft Tattoos"

  1. Bongkey Dong says:

    no trampstamps?

  2. MuGGzy says:

    “Seen as nerdy” or not, there are some seriously nice pieces here!

  3. Petter says:

    That second last one was fucking badass, the rest was :-/

  4. Tag O'Shawnasy says:

    what’s with the frog thing? on second thought, i don’t care.

  5. zombiexkitten says:

    I know TWENTY FIVE people who will make love to their hand for the rest of their lives.

  6. IDEAL says:

    sadly, this is probably the only way that anyone will ever see those tattoos. game fixations = no sex.