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25 Worse Jobs to Give Donald Trump than Moderating a GOP Debate

Donald Trump is the closest living thing to a cartoon that modern civilization has.  From his preposterous hair to his ridiculous endorsement deals which include mattresses and steaks to every single tomfooleriffic word that dribbles out of his crooked mouth, you can’t shake a stick around him without him reacting in some stupid fashion.  And now, news that he’ll be moderating a GOP debate, because why not have a terribly biased pseudo-GOP candidate who routinely lies about his own wealth, threatens lawsuits at the drop of a hat and still questions where Obama was born moderate a serious debate.  Derp?  Derp!

Word has it a number of candidates have already turned down the Trump circus, but still, someone out there thought it was a good idea.  Anyway, here’s 25 other jobs Trump has no business tackling.


  1. Guidance counselor at a school for special children
  2. Financial advisor
  3. President of the hair club for men
  4. Debate participant
  5. Mall Santa
  6. Porn star
  7. Wet nurse
  8. Victoria Secret Angel
  9. King of Pop
  10. Strip Club DJ
  11. Ethics professor
  12. Toupee salesman
  13. Gladiator
  14. Someone with a soul
  15. Children’s entertainer
  16. Smooth Jazz musician
  17. Yoga Instructor
  18. Fairy Godparent
  19. Motivational Speaker
  20. Jeopardy Contestant
  21. Guy who reads
  22. Nude art model
  23. Human
  24. Businessman
  25. President

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