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25 Wretched Drunks

Drunkenness is always more humiliating hilarious when there’s photo evidence.


14 Responses to "25 Wretched Drunks"

  1. Pants alive says:

    Is 9 technically a threesome?

  2. No1Ass&DickLicker says:

    Who the fuck drinks 4 bottle of Southern Comfort in a night.

  3. Anonymousy says:

    if she peed her pants,chances are you can rawdog without consequences. so go for it!

  4. MexicanAmerican says:


  5. DonkeyXote says:

    Pirate Princes Pickle Bunny!


  6. TheSaint says:

    One of my fav’s!!!

  7. Technology says:

    I hate when I get up and I’m covered in marker and garbage.

  8. hm says:

    brings back some good memories of drawing on people.

  9. pratik says:

    Need more pictures of people getting chiefed.

  10. Chuckles says:

    I like the one where Carrot Top pissed himself. What a f’n joke that guy has made of himself.

  11. Dr POoPenHEiNZ says:


  12. zJoDenny says:

    LOL, makes me glad I dont drink! Amazing.


  13. Ian Fortey says:
    This gallery was assembled by Sunday Comics.  Now the comics don’t seem so awful, do they?
  14. Jake says:

    I’d jump right behind the 1st girl & help her out a bit.