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25 Zombie Cakes

Everyone loves zombies, except for their victims whose last thoughts are probably "oh crap, zombies!"  Anyway, here are some delicious zombie cakes.


12 Responses to "25 Zombie Cakes"

  1. celtwolf says:

    I really wish bleeding heart would post a pic of their zombie stripper cake. That should definitely be on here. True, they already have 2 in this list, but I think a zombie stripper beats out an undead log any day!

  2. Thank you for admin good..

  3. sohbet says:

    Some were awesome. Some were not.

  4. mmmmhmmmmm says:

    hey its hayley williams!

  5. DonkeyXote says:

    Mean post!!!!

  6. Cleanse Body says:

    Some were awesome. Some were not.

  7. Yea boiii says:

    food and zombies my two favorite things combined!

  8. jefffree says:

    mmmmmm…zombieeeeees…. sweet, sweet, zombies gooooood…

  9. mia says:

    wow awsome cakes.

  10. lillith says:


  11. Jo Manny says:

    Wow, some of the coolest cakes I ever seen! Zombies rock!