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26% Of Men Prefer The Internet Over Sex

We all know the Internet is pretty cool. It can give you everything from directions to the nearest tapas restaurant to multiple videos of flaming midget hamster trapeze porn. But a new study just found that only 74% of men prefer sex over the Internet. I’m sorry, but those numbers made me LOLcopter until I ROFLwaffles because those pwned n00bs were so WTF. (OMG!)

The study also says this:

21% of men would rather meet a woman online than in person

Yes, the Internet is awesome, but I have a special message for my misguided brothers: Dudes, if you aren’t in a iron lung or were born without a penis or not named Stephen Hawking, then you need to take a look at your priorities and knock “checking my fantasy football team” and “playing Scrabulous” down a few notches and knock “having actual sex with a woman” up a few. Believe me, the Internet will always be there, but a naked woman will not.

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