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35 Awesome Bathroom Graffiti

Words of wit and wisdom written where we wipe.


62 Responses to "35 Awesome Bathroom Graffiti"

  1. TrishDilligaf says:

    OMG!!!! Press button…. recive bacon.. LMFAO AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

  2. ME!!!!! says:

    Press button, receive bacon


  3. The Russian Glamourpuss says:

    I saw one once that read…

    “Any idiot can write on a wall, but it takes a genius to shit on the ceiling.”

    There was an arrow next to it pointing up. When you looked up, someone had flung logs half-wrapped in toilet paper onto the ceiling.

  4. Steve says:


  5. PoetDidn'tKnowIt says:

    Those who write on bathroom walls
    Roll their shit into little balls
    But those who read these words of wit
    Eat this little balls of shit

  6. Jack Off All Master Of Fringe Philoso-Nemesis says:

    i hate when people, pretend to be me

  7. pratik says:

    One time I saw blood on the wall… I quickly changed stalls and went to an AIDS clinic soon after.

  8. critter says:

    those look like they were all written by the same couple of people. the handwriting is very similar.

  9. ellllls says:

    thats so deep.

  10. Don't taze me bro... says:


  11. skott says:

    the original comment section

  12. Mr.NoMoniker says:

    Frankenbunny gets no props.

    also, my captcha is “Wang Apostle”


  13. Thrill says:

    Knights of old where big and bold, They took thier shits on the side the road. They gave a salute to knights that passed, and use white rabbits to wipe thier ass!

  14. JP says:

    “Turban Repair Kit” ——> *pointing to the roll of toilet paper*

  15. CG says:

    Written on the toilet roll dispenser : “media degrees. please take one.”

  16. wundersmack says:

    On the dispenser of paper seat covers:


    Also, beside the condom vending machine:


  17. supermanlymangunowner says:


  18. webshammo says:

    Don’t you fret, don’t lose heart, one day you’ll shit when you thought you’d fart!

  19. natedog says:

    Here I sit upon the bog. I have a shit, i toss my log. I wipe my cum on some paper. Flush the chain, see you later.

  20. best one in the world says:

    best i’ve seen: If Time was money, I already wasted a fortune here !!

  21. Shag-a-potomus says:

    In days of old
    when knights were bold,
    they laid their load beside the road
    and walked away contented.

  22. Anonymous1 says:

    Quit your squatting and take a seat because the crabs ‘rpund here can jump 30 feet

  23. Anonyman says:

    Best one i’ve seen was written at the very bottom of the stall door, “Beware of gay limbo dancers.”

  24. Bodd says:

    I once saw one in a porta-john at a construction site that proclaimed: “It smells so bad in here, I can hardly finish my sandwich!”

  25. Meeee says:

    This is a place to dump your guts. Not a place to bust your nuts. So keep it nice keep it neat. Go somewhere else to beat your meat.

  26. bag says:

    Are you from PA?

  27. tight sack face says:

    One tayhm my paynus burts into flames

  28. still need that TP says:

    i still need that TP dammit!!

  29. Spartans says:

    Fuck PA!

  30. acids says:

    chea boii!

  31. Musakcritiq says:

    On a trash can in one of the stalls, someone wrote “THIS LEADS TO NARNIA!!”

  32. jizzyB says:

    hahaha @ “Toy Story 2 was okay”

  33. DMI says:

    best one I ever saw was in a rest stop in Texas, it said: Here I sit, my ass a flexin’ trying to produce another mexican.

  34. WHARBLGARBL says:

    I doubt i could limbo under your standards.

  35. Kenward says:

    Damn that was harsh, poor bastard probably didn’t even get it… still pokin’ his ass trying to figure it out

  36. not my real name says:

    trying ha he probably said fuck this got a gun some dip and some booze and got drunk packed a lip and shot mexicans but the cops didnt care because they joined him

  37. Keg Penis says:

    I came his to sit and think, but all I did was shit and stink.

  38. Keg Penis says:


    (my penis mashed the keyboard)

  39. 1inch says:

    you cock is so big, if you lay it on a keyboard, it’ll go from A to Z

  40. iSuka says:

    A is besides Z in a keyboard LOL

  41. Thanks Mr. Obviously says:

    Im confused now cause A is quite a longggg way from Z in the alphabet…?

  42. idk says:

    no A is close to Z on keyboard.
    you mayB mean A to .. enter? idk~

  43. sirdrinks says:

    this shit is WEAK(no pun intended)

  44. Mr. Squishypants says:

    What was the pun?

  45. C. Norris says:


  46. J milly says:

    it would have been a pun if you’d said “this shit stinks”, idiot.

  47. Joe Kerr says:

    “this shit stinks” would be a pleonasm. A pun would be if your first name was Id and your second name was Iot, as that would make you Id Iot.

  48. Master Of None says:

    a lot of those were funny, except the last one

  49. stdg says:

    The last one was the only funny one, except maybe ‘go home mom’ and ‘recieve bacon’.

  50. StuntCaulk says:

    receive bacon is comedy gold. i am high tho.

  51. nemesis says:

    looks like, the writing’s on the wall

  52. WHARBLGARBL says:


  53. D: says:


  54. Merc says:

    I saw this at school once and it still makes me laugh… “Here I sit in stinky vapor, the dude before me left no paper, I’m late for class and cannot linger, so look out ass, here comes my finger”. I love it.

  55. Anonymous says:

    BAAAAHAHAHAHA! That is fucking GOLD!

  56. finger got MERC'd says:

    sick but hilarious. props to that sucka

  57. Army Cat says:

    back when you had to pay for them i saw one

    “here i sit all broken hearted, paid my dime and only farted.”

  58. O Squiggly Line says:

    That’s great. We also would have accepted “came to shit & only farted.”

  59. Cassak says:

    Later on I took a chance.
    Went to fart, and shit my pants.

  60. Yea boiii says:

    that last one made me gag

  61. your mom says:

    I saw one one that was above the toilet paper and it said “mexican baby pictures, wipe to develop”… pretty funny.