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4 Health Problems Caused By Modern Living

Sick in bed

As we live smack in the middle of the first year of a new decade, we’ve had all had at least one moment where we have looked back and seen how far we’ve come since the year 2000. The internet has taken over; all kinds of information has (for better or worse) become readily available within just a few clicks; our music has become even more portable that we could have ever imagined; and our TVs have become thinner and more beautiful. In short, our technology and our interactions with said technology has evolved at an incredibly rapid pace.

With this wondrous leap in technology, coupled with the large amounts of information we now consume on a daily basis, some new problems have arisen. Sure, life is much more convenient than it was, say, fifteen years ago, but what is it doing to us? Well, a lot, in some cases. With new technology and with a new life to adjust to we are now seeing instances where our health is being negatively affected by our modern lives.

Orthorexia Nervosa


In this day and age, eating properly is getting harder and harder. What with working long hours, then coming home to feed the family, menus are becoming more and more limited. What used to be a home cooked meal that was carefully prepared, how now turned in to the burger joint with the fastest drive-thru and most varied dollar menu.
There are plenty of people out there that are fighting back against this force, though — people that eat healthy foods, organic foods, products that aren’t loaded with calories, artificial flavors and corn syrup. This kind of person is very common to find, and you might even be one. But, as with most everything in life, there are the people that take it to a whole new extreme.

This kind of eating disorder — brought on by a rebellion towards all things unhealthy or “dangerous” — is called Orthorexia Nervosa. People with this modern disorder are morbidly obsessed with eating healthy foods. So much so that they refuse to eat foods that contain essential nutrients their bodies need to survive. Items like red meat, for example, which contain vital proteins.
And it doesn’t stop there. People with Orthorexia Nervosa tend to fear eating outside of their own homes, for fear that someone may, say, spit in their food, or mishandle their meal, or undercook their order. They have such a fundamental lack of faith in the person preparing their foods that they’d rather do it themselves. This behavior tends to cut a sufferer off from social functions with friends, family and co-workers.

Computer Vision Syndrome


What you’re doing right now — just looking at your computer screen — can be hazardous to you. Of course, it won’t happen instantly.  But if you’re one of those people that stares at a computer screen all day at work, then comes home and relaxes by sitting in front of their computer screen at home, then you might develop a bit of a vision problem soon.

 The weird part about the problem is its non-specific. Your eyes don’t just get blurry. Your eyes don’t just have trouble distinguishing colors. Your eyes aren’t just sensitive to light. It’s all of those things and then some. The rest of the list is pretty extensive and covers pretty much every bad thing you’re eyes have ever felt. Headaches, dryness, burning, redness, focusing problems, the list goes on and on.

There’s plenty you can do to combat the problem. You can start by making sure the monitor is at least 2 feet away from your face. You can make sure the lighting is just right as to reduce glare. You could even do something as simple as not looking at your monitor for a bit.


The biggest problem with computers is that even with a lap top or a tablet or an iPhone, most of the time you use it will come when you’re just sitting there. Not moving. Stationary. Obviously, extended periods of this are terrible for your health and your weight, but there is another problem with this. Long periods of inaction can cause what’s called a Thromnbosis.

A thrombosis is a blood clot in a deep vein, like the veins in your legs, that can work its way up your circulatory system and in to your lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism. And “E” thrombosis is the exact same thing, but it’s the result of being glued to the internet or a PC game for hours and hours on end, and not the usual type of leg vein thrombosis that often occurs to people in comas.

If you ever get an E-thrombosis, congratulations. You, a person in relative good health, has officially become just as lazy and lethargic as a coma patient.

Sick Building Syndrome

The name conjures up mental images of a giant office building with a red, runny nose and sad droopy eyes. Sadly, the world is not the cartoon we’d all love it to be. No, sick building syndrome is actually a fairly complex phenomenon, and it’s more common then you may think.

In this world where everyone is trying to keep down their energy costs, there are just some extremes that aren’t good for us; especially, when we have to spend many of our waking hours in these environments. Some measures taken by building owners to shave off a few bucks on their energy bills are actually pretty good techniques. Doing things like installing insulation, weather stripping, caulking, and balancing out the building’s internal temperature, are all wonderful ways to save cash. But they do have a bit of a down side…the sick building.

Imagine that you live in a giant plastic bubble. While that bubble may protect you from the outside, there’s nothing protecting you from your own emissions. So if you sneeze inside the bubble, the germs from the sneeze will stay in there with you. Now, think of a well sealed office building as that same bubble – nothing gets in, nothing goes out. Now multiply your one sneeze by the sneezing and coughing and all other manner of germy nastiness of an entire office building full of people.

Large build-ups of unfiltered air can lead to cold and flu-like symptoms. The strange part is, though, there isn’t just one root cause. It’s such a weird and random cocktail of stale grossness in the air that any of it can affect anybody.

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