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5 Annoying People You’ll Meet at the Pool

Man, hot enough for ya?  Ha ha, what a great question, thanks for asking, dingus!  No one likes talking about the weather, nor does anyone like feeling like it’s so hot they could boil an egg in their ball sweat.  Our solution, as modern, technologically savvy individuals, is to go swimming.  In some cases it’s just to steep in air conditioning and play WoW while drinking icy Red Bull, but those people are not really human.

If you have your own pool then you have won at life.  The rest of us live in crap holes and have to use public pools, which is one step up from sharing a toilet with a stranger and that’s science fact.  The pool can be fun if you show up in the middle of a see-through bikini competition.  However the rest of the time you have to deal with these miscreants;

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