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5 Fast Fights At Fast Food Restaurants

It’s fast food Friday here at Holy Taco! An often overlooked health risk connected to eating at fast food restaurants is violence. Over eighty-four percent of all fist fights break out in fast food joints. I made that up, but I now feel it’s pretty reasonable. Especially after watching these videos.

You don’t stand between a woman and her twenty-piece, understand?! (This one’s a little anti-climactic, but when you watch it, imagine some ragtime piano playing overtop.)

This next one is pretty awful. This man gives a teenage girl a value meal of a beat down. I feel like Ronald McDonald probably cried when he saw this clip.

This clip has been floating around for a while, but it helps to prove my point, that when you want fast food, and it doesn’t come fast, it’s infuriating.

Fast food employees take abuse from customers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, due to corporate policies and general human etiquette, those employees can’t really give it back. So, when the opportunity arises to take out all your fast food frustrations on someone who deserves it, you seize that opportunity and kick a dude in the nuts.

The only thing worse than eating at a fast food restaurant is working at one. What would make it EVEN WORSE is not getting paid for working. I feel this guy may have over reacted a smidgen, but I can definitely empathize.

5 Responses to "5 Fast Fights At Fast Food Restaurants"

  1. kilroz says:

    4 of 5

    • Mexican Jesus says:

      I think what you meant to say was 4 out of 5 fights involved shaved apes. Am I right?

  2. DonkeyXote says:

    Cheeseburger Josh was the BEST video I’ve seen in a while!! hahahaha hands down!!!!!

  3. Billy Joe Jack says:

    maybe KFC and McDonalds should be white only estblishments