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5 Lost Amendments To The Bill Of Rights

Our Fore-Fathers were some pretty smart guys.  But when you draft any document, there’s bound to be some things you take out after the first draft.  Lucky for us, as journalists, we dug up five amendments that were originally included in the Bill Of Rights, but unfortunately left off.  We feel they should have stayed. 


4 Responses to "5 Lost Amendments To The Bill Of Rights"

  1. Anonymous says:


    bad typeface, hard to read

    then wasn’t worth reading anyway

  2. Tyler says:

    You can’t nitpick amendments to the Bill of Rights….that’s the Constitution, man….that’s law…..what are you a lawyer?….go take it up with the Supreme Court.

  3. Anonymous says:

    not to be picky, but extra-curricular affairs happen after school, extra-marital affairs might also, but in that case they may involve the police as well as risk of defecation.

  4. limejello says:

    good, but needs more talk of defecation