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5 Movie Scenes that Best Represent the Holiday Season

Christmas is over for another year but lest we forget what we love about the holidays, let’s enjoy these stellar movie scenes that really cut to the heart of what we all love about the holidays. Be you Christian, Jew, Muslim or wrong, we can all agree that this is why Jesus was born.

This is the so-called rape scene from Jack Frost. There’s a longer version in which the snowman says something witty afterwards, I believe. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that someone got it in their heads to make an impossibly fake snowman rage hump Shannon Elizabeth with a carrot dong.

I can’t describe fully how exciting a movie Santa’s Slay is but this clip does a good job. Really you just need to see Goldberg Santa kick that dog to get the full effect, but also lighting Fran Drescher’s head on fire is really a spot of holiday cheer. Also, anything in which Chris Kattan suffers physical trauma is pretty satisfying.

I will argue with great fervor that Bad Santa is one of the best Christmas movies of all time and one of the best movies period as it relates to themes of depression and mental illness and the reason is because the movie puts that in your face all the time but never addresses it, not once. Not once does anyone question that poor fat boy who’s clearly emotionally retarded, or Santa himself who must have a serious root cause for his rock bottom alcoholism and self destructive behavior. Also, this scene made me fall in love with Lauren Graham.

Probably the best Christmas message ever written n the t-shirt of a corpse.

The legendary Star Wars Christmas special is so awesome it defies belief. Why does Mark Hamill look like a plucky, 60’s era lesbian? Were all those Wookiees necessary? And Be Arthur? Bea Goddamn Arthur is your number on guest star? Does this make sense in any universe whether it’s far, far away or not? Hell no. God bless this show.

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