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50 Words Women Really Hate

 There have been a few lame attempts to come up with lists of words that women hate. Most of them come to the conclusion that words like "moist" and "panties" are the words women hate the most. Well, something tells me that those women weren’t really considering all the words in the English language. So the Holy Taco research staff hit the streets and the malls armed with a list of 500 words that went a little farther and asked hundreds of women to tell us what words they really hated. Then we took the top 50 and put them in order. Here they are:
50. Pubes
49. Leakage
48. Taint
47. Squirt
46. Fupa
45. Whore
44. Discharge
43. Camel Toe*
42. Feedbags
41. Mammoth
40. Pussy

39. Breakout
38. Muff
37. Loose
36. Jolie
35. Blowjobs
34. Retention
33. Pre-Nuptual
32. Bloated
31. Perm
30. Wrinkles
29. Non-Committal
28. Hysterectomy
27. Panties
26. Flow
25. Super Bowl
24. Outbreak
23. Stirrups
22. Rambo I-III**
21. Moist
20. Skeezer
19. Cramp
18. Gash
17. Clitorectomy***
16. Beaver
15. Cottage Cheese*
14. Gunt
13. Smegma
12. Jammed
11. Skank
10. Episiotomy
09. Male Pattern Baldness*
08. Fisting
07. Cunt
06. HPV
05. Flaccid
04. Slut
03. Cankles
02. Bukkake
01. Queef
* Techincally more than one word, but I didn’t complain. ** Includes "First Blood" ***Not sure why this wasn’t #1

78 Responses to "50 Words Women Really Hate"

  1. Humplestiltskin says:

    “Porn” isn’t too popular

  2. Jtat says:

    I was suprised to not see anal or swallow

  3. The hell is a gunt?

    Go Giants!!!!!!!Heh-eheh-yeah! Super Bowl Champs!!!!

  4. You says:

    gunt is what ever you want it to be

  5. skillsaw says:

    Good ones, however a name for the “package” is there’s and there’s alone. Every other one is dirty as well.

  6. Josh says:


    Panties is awkward as shit though.

  7. cory says:

    “Gunt” is short for Gut Cunt. Also known as a FUPA, bunt, cuntball etc…

  8. Freakshow Host says:

    “Gunt” is the contraction of “gut cunt.” A gunt is a protrusion of fat on females exceeding from the lower abdomen to the upper genital area.

  9. bob says:

    queef!? you think that’s no.1?
    do us all a favour dude and do some research. ugh. ignorance, its everywhere.

  10. Anonymous says:

    queef isn’t number one, i’m goin cunt, or cunty,
    or my favorite cunty phillips

  11. Shaggy says:

    How about Turd cutter? My wife gets pissed when i see a chick with a great ass and say, “wow she’s got a nice turd Cutter”

  12. Beef says:

    what about ‘snatch’ or ‘snapper’?

  13. slugggy says:

    You missed “fugly”

  14. Jason says:

    Cunt should be the #1 word and its not even on the list. That is the A bomb of all the words you can call a woman

  15. im pretty sure “cunt” should be number one, no questions asked.

  16. Matty D says:

    The so called “A-bomb” is No. 7 on the list, and I agree uttering cunt could get you killed in the wrong company.

  17. Tom says:

    The obvious is missing.

    If I were to call my woman a “cunt,” I get slapped.

    If I were to call her a “bitch,” I’d get divorced.

  18. Dixon Merkt says:

    I suggest “Van Murray” as being particularly offensive

  19. read, idiots says:

    apparently some of you can’t read. go back and read both the preamble to the list, and then the list, then make a comment.

  20. hatch says:

    The way to really piss off a woman is to tell her to relax.

  21. Charlie Foxtrot says:

    Yeah, turdcutter needs to be on the list.

    What about “slunt”? It’s a contraction of cunt and slut, obviously.

  22. Jason says:

    Thanks Matty D, Im an ass. How I missed that, I have no idea. I looked up and down that thing atleast one time, haha.

  23. B says:

    What about twat?

  24. Dan says:

    Another word is bean

  25. ascii says:

    I think “S-Loaf” should now be on there, considering it’s new “role”

  26. bigsmooth says:

    To go along with turdcutter, I submit my personal favorite….shit spreader.

  27. My fave to hate is moist because as soon as it happens to me, it stays wet all day!

  28. cory says:

    I never thought I’d say this, but, thanks for the spelling correction, JizzFlinger.

  29. Brendon says:

    You forgot the most important one, “No”.

  30. dos problemos says:

    Vagina = Wizards Sleeve

    Butthole = Rusty Sherrifs Badge

    Pretty sure that will get ya slapped in good company…

  31. Shara says:

    We are all sexual beings, but I despise the word “horny”.

  32. Anonymous89 says:

    Raging thunder cunt should’ve been thought of as well

  33. Anonymous says:

    I know their least favorite word of all…Broke! As in, I’m broke! Got no Deniero! You could say every one of those other words and be fine, but say I’m broke and you’re gonna be shown the door pretty quick!

  34. Billy Bad-ass says:

    What about “piss fenders”? Clearly a reference to their labia…both majora and minora.

  35. shoy says:

    read “cunt” by inga muscio.

    it’s my favorite word, followed closely by bitch.

    cunt, bitch, slut, whore, dyke… now that’s some empowering shit right there.

  36. aphrodite says:

    “queef” is definitely not number one. “cunt” is the worst thing you can say around a woman, well, if she’s a lady anyway. (i’m shocked it didn’t even make top five)

  37. Dan says:

    How about beef curtains…Women tend to go pallid when I say that…I think cunt should be number one as well…

  38. sanchez says:

    apparently none of these dudes can read… it says 50 word women hate, not 50 words a bunch of guys think that women hate………. Any man with any experience with the ladies knows that women, every last one of them, are batshit crazy! so expect some weird things… some of these words are just asking for trouble guys…. Beef curtains? turd cutter? c’mon get your head out your asses!

    I will most definately agree with No though… however no woman is going to admit that…

  39. cunty mcloaf says:

    what about “meat curtains”

  40. Paul says:

    DOUCHE-BAG is the worst

  41. Mixe says:

    You may have forgotten “axe-wound,” “slice” or “goop.”

  42. PsychoZombie says:

    How bout “Tuna Taco”? :)

  43. Grammar Nazi says:

    I’d say this list of words went a little FURTHER than previous attempts. You see, because further is a measure of degree, while farther is a measure of distance.

  44. Cuntfister says:

    IM not all suprised by Cunt not being No1… i reckon a good 30% of women use the word themselves… and slut is pretty offensive to a woman

    And the word Slunt… i prefer Clut, its still a contraction of Cunt and Slut but with the added bonus of also sounding like Clit

  45. Moejj says:

    you guys are a sick bunch of mutha’ fu**ahz!! i’m blessed to have never even imagined of 1/3 f tha’ crap you clowns are writing about on here!!

  46. ThatsGross says:

    What about “Pimiento Pouch”?
    That usually make men or women cover there mouths to keep from blowing chunks.

  47. Uuuggh says:

    I think I just threw up in my mouth

  48. katie says:

    i get that this is a dudely site and all, but it amuses and saddens me that the bulk of the commentary of what should be on the list of women’s preferences (or dis-preferences) is from men.

    since when do men decide what women like or don’t like? oh, right, since forever.

  49. Anonymous says:

    women don’t all hate football jackass

  50. Anonymous says:

    what does it say about me that in that entire list and all the comments what stood out and offended me was super bowl?

  51. rattfink111 says:

    hey katie, why don’t you put your 2 cents in? nobody’s stopping females from posting their opinions.

  52. that_guy says:

    what happened to twat, ho, smut, & slore?

  53. Brian says:

    I’ll tell you what word my wife hates:


    Unless of course, it is her saying to me at bedtime.

  54. Matt says:

    why the hell is panties even on there? i thought girls love to go shopping for panties and all that stuff

  55. JONZE says:

    Cum Dumpster? maybe that’s not widely used…


  56. Sabrina says:

    Folks, CUNT isn’t #1 because of the Vagina Monologues.



  57. Anonymous says:

    Relax should be number 1.

  58. Gag says:

    If i remember correctly from high school Smegma is what our health teacher delicately stated was “cheese” that grows on poorly cleaned uncircumcised penises. I’m thinking that would have to be my # 1

  59. Anon says:

    You forgot Cellulite…

  60. Rich says:

    I think we’re forgetting some…

    Mung – look it up folks
    Hymen- Ha
    Fatty Tits
    And if theres a word for saying “You’d have to roll her in flour to find the wet spot” i think that’d deserve some recognition.
    But yes, cunt should be number one, ive seen fellow men cry after calling a woman that.

  61. Durtee Sanchez says:

    How about the infamous balloonknot? You know balloonknot, an asshole looks like the tied end of a balloon knot if you look close enough!

  62. BYRON says:


  63. Anonymous says:


  64. Anonymous says:

    sweaty cunt hahaha

  65. Jackson says:

    This list proves one thing:

    Women are so EMOTIONAL!!

    How could that not be on the list? As well as over-reacting.

    See You Next Tuesday

  66. Bobby the K says:


    People who are posting missing words are sometimes using more than one word, keep it singular.
    If this were not the case, the list would go on and on…

    ‘gateway to her guts’ and stuff like that.

  67. Sprmcandy says:

    Cunt is #7 ?? I thought that was #1, ask any girl. See what they tell ya.

  68. balls says:

    Not much, really.

    Tho I believe bloodfart, whisker biscuit and hamwallet are up there.

  69. ioplio says:

    Cunt isn’t that bad. Panties is on there because it used to be an article of clothing, and now, when mentioned, even in passing, brings on a wave of innuendo.

    I personally don’t like the word spooge.

  70. Anonymous says:

    wolf bag – Im gona wolf bag you

  71. lithargic says:

    Gentlemen of the world, you forgot to mention the king of things that piss women off.

    Ignoring her – my favorite
    implying she’s fat – not so good


    “Gateway to her guts” Use it


  72. MY PANTS ARE OFF says:

    I see panties…but what about Pants? That word is disgusting.

  73. AS says:

    You got some crucial ones on there, but what about weiner? Never sexy to conjure images of processed meat in the bedroom

  74. angel says:


  75. holycow says:

    you mean i’m single cause of what i say and not that i’m short fat and ugly? sweet!

  76. BDouble says:

    Daddysacs usually gets em. That or feminine odor. That get’s me.

  77. JizzFlinger says:

    “Bukkake” only has three Ks.

    Yes, I’m a man. A man who watches tentacle porn and Japanese men pouring large amounts of semen into a vagina through a funnel.

    Bukkake 4EVA!