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6 of the Best Female Comedians Working Today

Not too long ago, sad old timer Jerry Lewis reiterated his distaste for female comedians, stating how unfunny they are, or something very much like that.  It doesn’t matter because he’s irrelevant to the modern world and, truth be told, he was not a particularly good performer in his heyday anyway.  Dean Martin carried that act.  Everything Lewis did on his own was poison and don’t you deny it.  His nerdy Frink-inspiring act was tiresome at best.  But that aside, let’s rub his ignorance in his face by enjoying this arbitrary list of some of the best female comedians working today!

Amy Schumer

Everyone loves Amy Schumer for her new show on comedy central and the fact she has a filthy mouth.  She’s foul but in a way you find charming.

Kristen Schaal

Kristen Schaal voices about a half dozen cartoons and is just weird as hell but that’s pretty awesome.

Amy Poehler

Weekend Update and Parks & Rec and Arrested Development?  Yeah.

Tig Notaro

She’s been getting a lot more exposure recently and every comic in the biz loves her.  She’s mastered awkward comedy like few others have.

Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea Peretti is a stand up and a writer which is just like me except I’m not a stand up or a woman.

Morgan Murphy

Stupid Youtube says no to me embedding this but you really should watch Morgan Murphy recite a Carlos Mencia bit word for word.

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