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7 Bad Things to Do on Good Friday

Turn Passion of the Christ Into a Drinking Game
Re-enact the Crucifixion With Your Pets
Carry Heavy Objects While Wearing a Snuggie

Camp Out In The Cave Of The Local Mini-Golf Course
Try To Re-Connect Your Own Cable Line
Practice Your Whipping Tricks on a Scarecrow
Use Common Phrases In Everyday Conversation

28 Responses to "7 Bad Things to Do on Good Friday"

  1. losers says:

    I’ll never come to this site again

  2. office jerk, says:

    “Carry Heavy Objects While Wearing a Snuggie” = Win.

  3. Life's a beach says:

    my sentiments exactly

  4. kevin romig says:

    ….’jesus walks into a hotel, slams 3 nails on the counter and says ‘ can you put me up for the nite? ‘….’ the crow [movie]

  5. WTF says:

    Turn the Passion of Christ into a drinking game is a WIN!!!!!
    LOL i will try to do that

  6. Phil Jones says:

    Man. I would love each and every one of you to grip my rock hard cock down at the base and fuck it with your mouth! I want some vomit juice to get inside my dickhole so i can get some STDS! Why not? Me first? Alright then line up you lazy fucks! Gawd the things i do for you selfish cunts!

  7. Phil Jones says:

    Oh and you all should be ashamed of yourseves for Making fun of Jeebus. If he granted me his super Jeebus powers, i’d make painful bloody holes on your hands and feet and fuck them with my herpes covered cock. It’ll be a fun weekend! We’ll have a bbq afterwards it’ll be fun! ;D

  8. DonkeyXote says:


  9. DonkeyXote says:

    Dwight, shut the fuck up!

  10. Phil Jones says:

    Oh you know you like it Donkey! If you want i’ll fuck your holes first! ;D

  11. pratik says:

    I was gonna go to this Easter service at some church with my girlfriend tomorrow, but seeing this list made me realize how much more religious stupidity (yes, I know that’s redundant) will be available tomorrow than usual.

  12. 2009 Taxes says:

    Soo unfunny it hurts.

  13. Jesus H. Christ says:

    Not funny Taco. Not fucking funny at all.

  14. Sinislaw says:

    little-known-fact: the H stands for Howard.

  15. jethro says:

    what about a Torah & Qur’an party!

  16. DonkeyXote says:

    only if they involve masticating feces and jizz on my disgusting man-boobs.

  17. DonkeyXote says:

    Having a mexican bible study!

  18. LMAO says:

    Keep crying Jesus, we are poking fun at your expense…and at your ribs with a spear. Finally the Taco I love is back.

  19. Jim Deeno says:

    LOL, Passion of the Christ drinking game? Nice.


  20. justin says:
    so….you were satisfied then?
  21. Vageen says:

    Cracked sucks.. HT 4 Life

  22. /\ Dumbass says:

    Holytaco is an abomination… an unfunny one at that, SUCK IT JUSTIN AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  23. H8er says:

    I expected more from this list. Then I remebered it’s Holy Taco, not Cracked…..

  24. mike hock says:

    SSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK it while you’re down there peons

  25. DonkeyXote. says:

    Can diddly do!

  26. Ben Affleck says:

    Thank goodness raping small children isn’t on the list. Time to get to work!

  27. Mehhhhhhhhhhhh says:

    This was sinfully unfunny. I’d rather see kittehs than read this stupid shit.

  28. jethro says: