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The 7 Best Mexican-Related Urbandictionary.com Entries

Urban dictionary is a site where users enter in words and definitions that aren’t in a "real" dictionary.  We’ll often peruse through the entries when we’re bored, and well, today we came across a startling discovery.  There are literally hundreds of Urban Dictionary words that start with "Mexican" and 99.9% of them describe an incredibly disgusting sex act that I’ve never heard before.  And we’ve heard of most disgusting sex acts.  We went ahead and took screen shots of our favorites.  After the jump, the rest are NSFW. 
Yes, that is incredibly similar to how a Mexican wrestling mask is worn.  From now on, when my girlfriend puts on a dress that I think fits well, I’m going to tell her "Man, that dress fits like a nustack stretched over a man’s face."
So often relationships tend to drag on and on, even after you’ve broken up.  Pooping on someone after having intercourse with them hammers home the point of "I don’t want to see you again."

I would say the most awkward part about this one would be the inserting of the piece of frozen shit into a woman’s vagina, but I’m actually leaning towards your roommate coming home and finding a piece of shit in the freezer as being more awkward.  I don’t know, roommate’s just don’t understand sometimes.  Now that I think about it, the sitting around and waiting for the shit to melt might be kind of awkward, too.
I think my favorite part about this one is four people looked at the first two entries, then saw the third one and was like "Nah, this one is stupid.  I’m voting thumbs down."
I mean, what else are you supposed to do when she won’t eat your cum?  You’re not left with many other options.
See, not all Urban Dictionary entries are things that have happened.  Sometimes entries are from go getters like the guy who wrote this, who inspire us to achieve greatness.
It’s got to be anal, because if it’s vaginal sex and you say "I have AIDS," that’s not that scary, she might just be like "eh," and continue having sex with you.

24 Responses to "The 7 Best Mexican-Related Urbandictionary.com Entries"

  1. Metal Sack says:

    Mexican Pogo Stick-Titty fucking your girlfriend upside down, while she licks your taco.

    Mexican Hat Trick- have your girlfriend ride you then have your best bud come out of no where and scissor kick her of the bed.

    Mexican Yo-Yo- Tie your girls hair to your nutsack and get blowjob.

    Mexican Transformer- While your on your laptop, looking at your favorite pornstar.

    Mexican Grouch- get a blowjob in a garbage can.

  2. died laughing says:

    Mom!!! u gotta read this!!! heat up some refried beans and taco sauce cause daddys got a new game!!!

  3. Sodom hussain says:

    Mexican Holiday spirit:

    Wake up early Christmas morning, around 2pm
    put your nutsack on your moms forehead and take a shit down her throat

    Mexican handshake:

    After jurking off on your hand, procede with a traditional handshake

    ” what’s wrong with Billy?
    “oh, I gave him a Mexican handshake”

  4. cabj1905 says:


  5. justin says:
    Yes we are, because we have a lot more readers now than we did when this article went up originally, and it’s a really good article that deserves some exposure.  You got a problem with that?
  6. Eidolon says:


  7. George T says:

    Yes. Fuckin’ A I do.

  8. Mudbutt says:

    Dude, you put links to old articles under EVERY article. Why repost old shit?

  9. male shovenist says:

    o SHIT Justin just told you bitch!

  10. George T says:

    So we’re reposting entire articles now as well as pics?


  11. office jerk says:

    we should just make up “mexican” words.

    Mexican firestation:

    You take your girlfriend and shit in her mouth while someone sets her on fire and pisses on her. then you rub the poo all over ther 3rd degree burn, and eat some of the poop too.

    Mexican Vacation

    You rape your girlfriend while having diharrea, pooping in the bed, then you push her down the stairs and slap her.

    Mexican Bungee jump

    You cut up your wife with an aids infected knife after strapping a gimp ball in her mouth and smacking her in the face with a brick. oh and there’s poop.

  12. Salty bollock says:

    Mexican Rugburn

    Shit in your girlfriends nose and then hold her in the wheelbarrow position, fucking her in her shitty ass while you push her round the floor on her face leaving a trial of shit like a couple of brown go faster stripes.

  13. Stupid but... says:

    I’ve never laughed so hard reading this stupid stuff

  14. Impure Client says:

    Mexican penis pump:

    You hollow out a eggplant and fill it with mashed potatoes and gravy. Then while a male target is sleeping, attach the contraption to his member and use it to jerk him off.

    Mexican pony ride:

    You go to the dog pound and pick up the sexiest and largest dog they got. Then bring it home and vaseline its poop chute up and rape it.

    Mexican food fight:

    While at a fast food joint, go to the bathroom and retrieve unflushed shit. Run into the dining area and throw it at somebody and run away.

  15. JHC says:

    Twelve hundred-thousand is a lot.

  16. mad butts says:


  17. onewetfigure says:

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  18. bumrogers says:

    iono it just kinda seems like youre goin into aristocrats territory with that one.

  19. A 14 yr old says:

    what about a Mexican Hot Fudge Sundae? Where you are eating out your mom’s asshole and she shits hot, steamy goo all in your mouth. Then you spit it in her vagina and proceed to do the dirty deed. After you finish, you both get ice cream cones. That’s where the hot fudge sundae part comes in/

  20. Rotgut says:


  21. whatever says:

    Can’t forget the Mexican Waffle, which is very similar to the Upper Deck if you are familiar.
    The Mexican Waffle is when you spend open the bed in a sleeper sofa and drop some steamy nuggets. Then just fold the bed back into the couch and leave it for the next lucky guest!

  22. office jerk says:

    Are these people 14 year olds on urban dictionary? wait… i get it.

  23. Steve says:

    Hillarious, gotta try the mexican bullride soon!!!!!!!

  24. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:

    Hot Carl, best one on there.