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7 Celebrity TSA Body Scans

tsa body scan

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is catching a lot of flack for its use of body scanners at airports. While the government claims the nearly naked images produced by the machines cannot be leaked to the public, privacy advocates are skeptical. As it turns out, they were right to be worried.

Earlier today, Holy Taco received an email from a disgruntled TSA employee. Attached were seven body scans of well-known celebrities obtained by TSA screenrers at LAX. We have every reason to believe they are legit. In the interest of protecting our civil liberties, we are publishing the photos. If this can happen to Lindsay Lohan, it can happen to anyone.

Here are the body scans in no particular order. Ron Paul forever.

Ann Coulterann coulter body scan

Barack ObamaBarack Obama TSA Scan

Justin BieberJustin Bieber tsa scan

Pope Benedict XVIPope Benedict XVI tsa scan

Tom Cruise Tom Cruise tsa scan

Glenn Beckglenn beck tsa scan

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan TSA scan


25 Responses to "7 Celebrity TSA Body Scans"

  1. ShitFaBrainz says:

    They forgot Bill Maher:

    one big anal ring…

  2. Yea boiii says:

    Good job holy taco

  3. Everybody says:

    Ohhhhhhhh, man!!! Lohan’s coat hanger abortion is just plain wrong. Extremely hilarious, though.

  4. Brilliance says:

    Stop hating on Glen Beck. You all are just sucking on the main stream media tit. He has been right on significantly more occasions then main stream media. If you gave the man a chance you would see. So make up your own mind on who you don’t like instead of just following Bill Maher or another mainstream prick.

  5. Bilwood says:

    For that matter, Ann Coulter advocates keeping government out of our lives and for individual liberty. Tell me again how this is a Nazi/Fascist attribute?

  6. bilwood's mom doer says:

    i did your mom bilwood.

  7. bilwood says:

    i know, im a tard aren’t i?

  8. Jame Gumb says:
    I like how no one complained about the cock on coulter. Jesus Christ, its a dick and fart joke site. Why would you bother to bitch?  And the day I take a joke from Bill Maher is the day I blow Barney Frank (which is to say, next Tuesday).
  9. beck is a turd says:

    Glenn Beck’s a dumb turd, and Coulter is insanely nasty.

    I am glad the right wingers are here weeping and wailing about it.

    We tried it your way with the nazis, no thanks, get lost.

  10. Renee Likealizardonawindowpane says:

    Those were really funny.

  11. Cthulu says:

    Meh, would have loved to see the Gorn inside Ron Paul

  12. Smart Ass says:

    I would think the Lohan one would have been a balloon of coke in her ass.

  13. ... says:

    hilarious, especially the glen beck one

  14. Marcus says:

    Do you even know why you supposedly hate Glenn Beck? I am guessing you don’t. Asked my younger sister this who is in her 20s, she simply got frustrated b\c she could not explain exactly why she dislikes him, just that she does, and he apparently lies about things.
    Pretty sad. When did we all stop questioning what we are spoon fed to us by the news? The news that is essentially run by our government, by the way. The American youth is getting dumber and dumber, and has no real concept of what our political machine is all about, except for the occasional news update on Saturday Night Live. Which, by the way, is owned by NBC which is owned by GE which is owned by the government. Think that might just give them a bit of a liberal agenda?


    You seem pretty butt hurt because people don’t like Glen Beck. Maybe you should cry about it some more.

  16. CLNBLK says:


    Marcus – How about I don’t explain to some random moron why I hate Glen Beck, but I’ll add people like you to the reasons why.

  17. withYourSis says:

    No CLNBLK we are all losers. You and crymeariver are living proof that the youth of America isn’t just getting dumber, they’re straight braindead. Quit regurgitating what you hear on the Daily Show and form your own opinion.

  18. supbru says:


  19. H8er says:

    What’s the Bieber one?

  20. Blorgy-blorg says:

    That’s some funny fuckin’ shit, mutha fucka…

  21. iamphoenix says:


  22. xxKingofKingsxx says:

    Timely and funny, wtg,ht

  23. Paulie Pumpkins says:


  24. Scared of them says:

    He he he he.

  25. sweetfly says:

    great …but i was hoping for about 20 more of them