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7 Kinds of Pet Videos on Youtube

The internet is a solid 70% pet videos, the rest of it is useless government websites, flash games, porn, Holy Taco, and instructional videos on DIY home projects. People just really love uploading millions of inane pet videos and all of them generally fall into one of seven categories. These are those 7 categories and, it should be noted, we probably don’t need any more of these videos for a while. We have lots, thanks.

Look What I Trained My Pet To Do

You took a lot of time to make this happen and now your pet has a skill no animal in the wild ever needed. Good for you.

Look What My Pet Does On Its Own

Your pet is so wacky you had to film it being wacky. When thousands of other people tell you that their pet does the same thing it somehow doesn’t diminish the value of the video in your eyes.

Look at My Ugly/Cute/Disfigured/Ridiculous Pet

Your pet is so adorable or so butt fugly you needed to share it with people. It may even be famous for its stunning visage now.

Look at My Weird Pet

Cats and dogs are for losers, you have a Peruvian Death Weasel. Look at it, everyone! Look and be envious. Pray for your own Ikea monkey, jealous slobs!

Look at My Pet Tripping Out

Your pet has a mental disorder but it makes you laugh so why not put it online?

Look How I Humiliate My Pet

Pets don’t have shame that anyone is aware of so this sort of thing is still considered cute in many circles. Many sad, sad circles.

Look How I Made My Pet More Interesting

You realize you pet is pretty much like a bajillion other pets. However, your skills in video editing just made it kind of awesome.

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