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7 Possibilities for the Next Awesome “Wolf T-Shirt”

As you can see, really cool people are starting to wear Wolf T-Shirts. The Three Wolf Moon shirt pictured above is awesome for three reasons: it’s black, it has an entourage of intimidating creatures on it, and it’s got a cool, cellestial background.  Everybody’s going to be wearing shirts like this soon, as a symbol of their coolness, so we decided to get a jump-start on the trend by creating our own collection of Three Wolf Moon-inspired t-shirts, with equally awesome-sounding names.
The "Bloody Polar Bear Moon" Shirt
The "Sloths In Space" Shirt
The "Chihuahua Gang Incan Temple" Shirt
(inspired by the commercials for Beverly Hills Chihuahua, but NOT by the movie)

The "Bald Eagles Fighting" Shirt
The "Hamsters Doing Tricks on the Moon" Shirt
The "Child Beauty Queen Moon" Shirt
The "80′s Bad Guy" Shirt

36 Responses to "7 Possibilities for the Next Awesome “Wolf T-Shirt”"

  1. Pushing Monkey says:

    I think that’s the f-n point of the t-shirt dumbass. Do you own a Howling wolf t-shirt and are just jealous that the chihuahua T is better?

  2. blackie says:

    Pretty sure that’s Biff right there

  3. Juggernaughty says:

    Really? These shirts have been cool again for like, I don’t know, the last 8 years. Good work stumbling upon what has already been a novelty for hipsters for nearly a decade.

  4. Ilovefood says:

    dude, Incans are from peru
    and that temple is a Mayan temple from Mexico
    Chihuahuas have nothing to do with peru

  5. Robber says:

    So Cool, I want to Buy This T-shirt ,and where to find this wholesale clothing supper!

  6. AwesomeWolfShirts.com says:

    I am the owner of http://www.AwesomeWolfShirts.com and I need pictures of famous people wearing wolf shirts. Can anybody help me out?

    SeawardAction@gmail.com is my email address. Howl at the moon!

  7. Chunk says:

    I almost pissed myself at Sloths in Space. I must have it.

  8. girl says:

    those fucking polar bears look like I just used them as maxi pads.


  9. GeekSlut says:

    That fella with the bown pants on has one BIG package! I must have him in my anus – shirt ON, of course!

  10. nikki says:

    yes, that is a Mayan temple, not Incan.

    other than that, fun ideas.

  11. ChristianH says:

    I want that ’80s Bad Guy shirt. Now.

  12. ChristianH says:

    Though only if you add the dick from Back To The Future.

  13. Pushing Monkey says:

    I want the Chihuahua t-shirt. I would totally wear that on a date. I think she would fall in love with me at first sight. How much?

  14. Oliver says:

    3 Converse All-Star Classic shoes and the moon, think about it :)

  15. Lisa says:

    I’m glad to see them.I want to buy for my boyfriend. I’m a 49 year old woman and for the last year I’ve had a man who is 25 younger asking me out. we met on dating site—–Seekacougar.com—– which brings together older women ans younger men looking for love. I am attracted to him, but have put him off because of the age difference. But he is persistant and will not give up. The thing with him is he seems more mature then the 30 or 40 somethings that ask me out. At least he knows what not to say. I guess I’ve been into the “what will people say” and worrying about the negative comments. But now with this I don’t believe continue to run from this, it might just work out.

  16. Horny Chick says:

    Where’s the Chuck Norris Tee? I’d love to see a Hot Chick with Chuck on her chest…

  17. shane nickerson says:

    Please hurry and get hamsters doing trick on the moon into production. I’m in a t-shirt war and need them.

  18. Dr Freud says:

    The “Child Beauty Queen Moon” Shirt creeps me out. Has it got the girl that was killed by her parents on it? Or is she on the backside?

  19. Thomas says:

    Pretty sure it’s the girl on the bottom left. Jon Benet Ramsey

  20. Dr Freud says:

    Is it wrong to imagine doing her had she been alive today? If it is, I don’t want to be right…


  21. Shizzire says:

    Hey Justin, don’t waste your time. Joey is one sarcastic muthafucka if you didn’t get it. You only have like 12 readers, so it isn’t worth it printing t-shirts for us. When am I getting my HolyTaco t-shirt for crying out loud?

  22. justin says:
    We’re gonna try to get these onto our cafepress site so that you can buy them.  We’ll let you know when it works out!
  23. Joey says:

    Can you make these available on your site to actually buy? I want all of them!

  24. Foster Keats says:

    What are you looking at Butthead???

  25. stephen colbert says:

    The 80s bad guy shirt wouldbe most exellent

  26. Paul says:

    ahaha is that Biff from Back to the Future?

  27. Ninjamonkey73 says:

    Alan Rickman for the Win.

  28. Mr. B says:

    Make like a tree, and get outta’ here!

  29. Wolf Shirt says:

    there’s going to be a lot of money in making and selling these t-shirts.

  30. Captain Awesome says:

    That was hamster shirt was freakin’ awesome.

  31. IndianaMike says:

    you keep making lists of things i wish actually existed. now i have to figure out how to make that hamster shirt myself.

  32. V says:

    Dear IndianaMike,

    If you make that hamster shirt, please post a link to a way to buy it here. I would totally wear that shit.


  33. rocknrollmcdonalds says:

    This is the best line from that movie.
    “John, I’m not going to shoot you between the eyes. I’m going to shoot you between the balls.”
    LOL That is pretty brutal…

  34. John Matrix says:

    Let off some steam, Bennett!

  35. Stephen Speilberg says:

    80′s bad guy shirt ftw please

  36. katie says: