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7 Videos of People Beatboxing While Doing Other Things

Beatboxing flute player
Who doesn’t love a talented beatboxer? The internet is drowning in videos of cats, nutshots and people beatboxing. Here’s a few of our favorite clips of people beatboxing while doing other things.

1. Beatboxing While Playing The Cello

This guy is better at playing the cello than most cello players, and better at beatboxing than most beatboxers. And he is able to simultaneously do both incredibly well, which I have to assume would result in a lot of female attention.

2. Beatboxing While Wearing An Ugly Sweater On National Television

This is the amazing Reggie Watts doing a beatbox piece on Conan, wearing a sweater that’s so ugly, it could hurt people’s feelings.

3. Beatboxing While Playing The Flute

You can’t see this happening, because it’s off camera, but he’s actually playing track & field at the same time…

4. Beatboxing While Being Hot

I didn’t know I had a thing for female beatboxers until I saw this video some time ago, but I’ve been on a hunt ever since.

5. Beatboxing While Being a Parrot

Get this bird a record deal! It’s like a flying sampler!

6. Beatboxing While Playing The Harmonica

It’s like hip-hop meets hobo. MC Boxcar Willie.

7. Beatboxing While Playing a Pixies Song

This guy would top my cool people list if he’d just stop dressing like 1998 Trent Reznor.

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