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8 Surprisingly Hot Wikipedia Entries

Did you know that this online encyclopedia can also be a place to find surprisingly hot women and other sexy stuff? Here’s eight of the most surprisingly hot articles currently on Wikipedia.

tanga surprisingly hot wiki pages
Tanga – What’s a tanga? I have no idea, but it has something to do with underwear and it’ll lead you right to a hot-ass Wiki page with a bunch of cuties in thongs.

surprisingly hot wiki pages
Gluteal cleft - The gluteal cleft is described as “the groove or crack between the buttocks that runs from just below the sacrum to the perineum.” If that doesn’t get you turned on, the picture of this anonymous hottie’s backside accompanying this Wiki definitely will.

surprisingly hot wiki pages
Saint Andrew’s Cross , Boring religious artifact or some weird/hot bondage thing with a woman tied to it? One way to find out. (Hint: this is Holy Taco, not the Holy Bible).

surprisingly hot wiki pages
Upskirt – Normally you’d feel like a perv trolling for upskirt shots on the internet, but on Wikipedia, it’s just research. And boy, do they got a great example up there.

surprisingly hot wiki pages
Chocolate and Cheese – Sounds kinda tasty, but how could this be hot? Our music snob friends will recall that this was a Ween album, but Wikipedia reminds us that the album cover is one of the sexiest ever. (Featuring some elusive underboob).

surprisingly hot wiki pages
Tinea Versicolor – Our doctor friends will tell you this is a gross fungus. What they won’t say, however, is why on its Wiki page is an accompanying photo of some lady playing with her boobs. (Just overlook the disgusting fungus covering her torso.)

surprisingly hot wiki pages
Retarded Ejaculation – Despite it’s name, this isn’t some drooling, helmeted dude getting a little love on the short bus. Also known as “delayed reaction,” this physical ailment occurs when a guy can’t ejaculate. And while women rarely complain when their husband comes down with this, the therapy for this this condition involves “homework” where “…step by step a man learns to ejaculate closer and closer to the vagina. In the final stage a woman inserts her partner’s penis into her vagina as soon as she realizes he is about to ejaculate. Thus a man gradually learns to ejaculate inside the vagina.” Let’s hope the dog doesn’t eat this homework.

18 Responses to "8 Surprisingly Hot Wikipedia Entries"

  1. kookimebux says:

    Hello. And Bye. :)

  2. tt87mustang says:

    lol theres only 6.

  3. JohnnyBrillcream says:


  4. Font says:

    Very nice site. Well laid out.
    I am from Spain and also now’m speaking English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: “Therefore, a font is a particular casting of a typeface belonging to that a font was more granular than just the variant of a typeface – each size of.A suite of command line tools for working with font files.”

    Thanks for the help :( , Wilma.

  5. drtgghyaa says:

    klassniy dizain

  6. Clare says:


    The buttclevage on the Gluteal cleft picture is better than my boob cleavage.

    Fuck you Victoria’s Secret, I want a refund.

  7. bizzle says:

    I thought I was a little drunk when I looked at the butt clev pic. Looked like two gigantic fun bags.

  8. fatass says:

    you guys forgot cameltoe

  9. King fatass says:

    What about the Sugar Ray album Lemonade and Brownies cover…it’s better Chocolate and Cheese, and much better Tinea Versicolor. That shit is disturbing.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Are you kidding? Sugar Ray sucks Ween’s wet farts and thanks them for the privilege. WEEN OWNS!

    Sugar Ray…who?

  11. 8man rugby says:

    Tanga is a form of skirt women wear to the beach in Brazil…

  12. Tombot says:

    8man has been promoted to Captain Obvious

  13. sofia says:

    i am not joking, but tanga means stupid in tagalog

  14. Bryan says:

    Anyone else notice there is only 7?

  15. giselle says:

    8man is wrong.. tanga means thong.. literally. i know for sure because this is the word for thong in portuguese, spanish and papiamentu, and i speak all of these.