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9 Truthful Celebrity Autobiographies

Famous people are always writing autobiographies that aren’t really honest. So here are the covers for 9 celebrity autobiographies that we think are a little more truthful.
9. Whoopi Goldberg – Sit Yo’ Ass Down, Bitch
8. Joaquin Phoenix – "I’m Unaware of My Surroundings"
7. Stephen Hawking – "I Didn’t Write This"

6. Bristol Palin – "Someone’s Impregnating Me Right Now"
5. Katie Holmes – "Cruise Controlled"
4. Smashmouth – "As It Turns Out, We Are Not All All-Stars After All"

3. Christian Bale – "Am I Going To Walk Around And Rip Your Fuckin’ Lights…."

2. Vin Diesel – "Please Don’t Tell Anyone That I’m Gay"
1. Charlie Axel Woods – "I Hope I’m Good At Something"

33 Responses to "9 Truthful Celebrity Autobiographies"

  1. Anonymous says:

    am i the only one that doesnt find any of those funny? 0.o

  2. Puck says:

    I went down on Bristol.

  3. Anonymous says:

    shure!!! we’ll get hurt by… you and how many black holes???

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    he he he great stuff!

  5. desiree says:

    i hope hes not gay lol
    but if he is! maybe i can help change that lol

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. john smith says:

    I love vin diesel
    Dig it
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  8. weenies R us says:

    I would so do vin diesel

  9. Jessy says:

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  10. annatee says:

    thats great stuff

  11. hahaha, golden. I thought Cruise Controlled was the best…

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  13. I Am the Hawking says:

    Hawking writes his own shit motherfuckers. Mess with Hawking and you gonna get hurt big time, okay?

  14. jack says:

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  15. John Jones says:

    Vin Deisel gay? No way dude. Tell me it aint so!


  16. Tyler says:

    Drink an ice cold beer, america won’t seem so wrong after the first sip…..if it still does, go get a prescription.

  17. Paul says:

    Say it like it is Bone, Tyler is whats wrong with america. You suck Tyler. Go try France.

  18. mcccccrazy says:

    Joaquin Phoenix looks like Happy Gilmore’s caddy.

  19. cory says:
    Yeah, we actually love Stephen Hawking. From everything we’ve read about him he has an awesome sense of humor. He actually bones his nurse. This is a celebration.
  20. Tyler says:

    Wow, making fun of a guy in a wheelchair.

  21. Cartman says:

    lol… holy shit dude.

  22. Tyler says:

    Things ok to laugh at:

    1. Thebone’s emotional issues

  23. Notascoolasyou says:

    Wow, I have never responded to any of these online opinion blogs, but i must say, tempers flare over the pettiest bullsh*t. Agreed, humor is humor, an we should be able to laugh at everything, but I think someone here needs a nap or something. Maybe a someone’s a bit cranky and needs a snack. Maybe two somebodies. Seriously, do you people spend your time arguing about sh*t that has absolutely nothing to do with you?! I have a suggestion, get of your a$$, find some decent clothes that you haven’t been playing WoW in, and go out and meet…wait for it…a girl. I guarantee that if you do, you will suddenly spend less time worrying about this useless bullshi*t and more time possibly thinking about getting laid. Have fun with that.

  24. Thebone says:

    @ TYLER….

    Shut up. They shit on themselves too….

    It’s douches like you that are turning this country into a humorless,”politically correct” bunch of panzies.

    Did it hit a lil’ too close to home, Tyler? Do ya laugh at all the other things on the site, but decide this one cut too deep for ya’, or hit a little too close to home? Fuck you, with all due respect, you hypocritical moron.

    Hey Tyler, if I may call you that (And I will). Please provide me a list of what ok to laugh at, as I never would want to offend someone as sensitive as you……

    Keep on rollin’ brother….


  25. Anonymous says:


  26. Anonymous says:

    vinn deisel will F&%$ S@#$ up man

  27. Anonymous says:

    It’s called a “foreword,” not a “forward.”
    I still lol’d though.

  28. uglysexy says:

    Whackeen could be played by Emile Hirsch in the biopic
    “Into the Weird” ;p

  29. Tyler says:

    So a brief comment about wheelchair jokes gets everybody pissy and riled up?

    Sex, religion, politics, spelling errors, and monkey poo comments….no reaction……good I’m glad I pissed you off….whiny bitch. “with all due respect”

  30. Anonymous says:

    dig it!

  31. inkngrease says:

    a celebration of the awsomeness of robot voice.