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A Breakdown of Internet Comments From 8 Sites

If you think Al Gore invented the internet so people could share information, you are sadly, sadly mistaken. Read the comments section of most sites and you’ll see that the internet was made so people could say really dumb shit without facing the repercussions of saying the same things in person. Thanks to the guys at Panda Smash for helping out with this.

Click on each one to make it bigger.

8. break.com

7. Engadget.com

6. Huffingtonpost.com

5. westborobaptistchurch.com

4. Friendster.com

3. Foxnews.com

2. Holytaco.com

1. Espn.com

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25 Responses to "A Breakdown of Internet Comments From 8 Sites"

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  2. MrPotatoes says:

    i cannot believe that you didn’t do the Youtube comments. or even 4chan

  3. Hax says:

    You forgot will it blend? and Will it play Crysis? for Engadet….

  4. Hax says:

    You forgot: Will it blend? and Will it play Crysis? for **Engadget. ZzZzZzZzzZz

  5. Cory Doctorow says:

    I am a gay babie.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Not Funny, like not even close. I wanted to laugh but I couldn’t! My shit just took a shit that was funnier than this. You misspelled every word in this post; blind retards could write better than you.. this is a shitty site.. I’m off to friendster

  7. none says:

    WTF is this bullshit, no Digg? Fucking blasphemy. Rot in hell!

  8. Pratik says:

    If there was YouTube on here, it would be 95% “In 1937 a girl died from a rotting eyeball. Send this to 500 people or she will douse your anus in turpentine tomorrow” type comments.

    The other 5% are the usual “Hey I remember you from last weekend’s party, add me!! *www.slutznshit.com*” comments.

  9. dave says:

    Do 4chans comments… hilarity will ensue

  10. sam says:


  11. josh says:

    Youtube…. 80% = LOL/LMAO/WTF/Get a life
    rest… They Feel like they know everything

  12. NCHammer326 says:

    There should be a list for encyclopedia dramatica. That site is horrible on every level imaginable.

  13. This is very intresting!

  14. Jack says:

    man… I would love to see this done on 4chan and etc…

  15. grinman says:

    4chan? 90% sage, 10% combo attempts

  16. Ethan says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and fulfill the “you misspelled everything” section of that pie chart. It’s Ariana Huffington.

  17. You could have done MySpace as well.

  18. UglyChops says:

    I’ve got a new one for Holy Taco. Get a goddamn professional graphic artist. Christ on a cracker, it was like reading from a MS Paint print out on a dot matrix printer.

  19. Beautiful Chops says:

    I’ve got a new one for Holy Taco. People who complain about a website’s semi-decent graphics are HOMOS. Christ on a cracker<— (wtf? not funny), it was like reading from a MS Paint print out on a dot matrix printer <—-(wtf? gay ANALogy)

  20. justin says:

    Ugly Chops, god dammit I wish i could argue with you but I can not.

  21. John Jones says:

    Wow dude that is some breakdown you got there. MAkes perfect sense too.


  22. AlcoLOL says:

    This post was right on, showing the general hate and anti-everything attitude the internet masks. Think about it, the internet is a place to say shit you wouldn’t say in real life. For example, in real life I would have said something like “ahaha, real funny”. But that would look retarded as a text comment, so I wrote this lengthy review instead. Also, FUCK YOU!

  23. Llama Llama says:

    Sign me up for the dark purple wedge on #2.

  24. UglyChops says:

    .retnirp xirtam tod a no tuo tnirp tniaP SM a morf gnidaer ekil saw ti ,rekcarc a no tsirhC .tsitra cihparg lanoisseforp nmaddog a teG .ocaT yloH rof eno wen a tog ev’I