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A Game of Hodor: Chapter III

This exact conversation happened earlier today;

“ We’re running low on rations.”


“There should be more game in these woods.  When the armies marched south they must have hunted them near bare.”


“I’m not worried.  There are squirrels enough in the trees and rivers we can fish along the way.”

“But the further North we travel, the colder it gets.  Winter is coming.”


“And what of beyond the Wall? “

“There is food to be found beyond the Wall, for those who know where to find it.”

“Are you sure?  With all the Wildlings coming South?”

“We will find our way.  The Three Eyed Crow will help us.”

“I saw a three eyed swan back in Greywater Watch once, but I think it was just born funny.”


“It wasn’t a swan and it didn’t have three eyes, it was a duck with a shiny rock stuck to its head.”

“That doesn’t even make sense.”

“You don’t make sense, Meera.”

“Your mom doesn’t make sense.”

“I don’t think any of this makes sense.”


“Don’t listen to Meera.  She once told me that honey comes from dogs’ butts and tricked me into licking one of our hunting dogs asses.  It tasted awful!”

“I didn’t think you’d really do it.  Who would ever lick a dog’s ass?”

“Lord Bolton had a man servant who licked dog butts, I saw him once.”

“Lord Bolton is creepy, of course he had a dog butt licker.”


“Fine!  Let’s just get going.  We’ll eat squirrels.  Maybe some of them have three eyes. No one has to eat the asses.”

This is the level of discourse I’m living with right now.  I was trying to let everyone know there was a deer about 100 yards away during the entire exchange, but no, squirrels are fine.  I weigh as much as the bloody direwolf but by all means, 13 year old frog hunter, catch me a squirrel. I may die of disgust before we reach the Wall.

Did I mention we hooked up with a 13 year old frog hunting boy and his sister?  Because we did.  Hodor me.

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