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Actual Chupacabra Captured Alive in Texas, You Guys

(Props: MyFox8)

After terrorizing livestock in Mexico and the Southwest United States for decades, the mythical blood-sucking predator known as the Chupacabra (or “El Chupacabra,” as it’s known in Spanish) has been captured alive by a couple in Ratcliffe, Texas. As it turns out, the horrific urban legend is nothing more than a rotten-ass dog-looking thing that eats cat food with its hands like a raccoon. But clearly, it’s neither a dog nor a raccoon. Or maybe it’s both. Perhaps, Chupacabras are the unholy offspring of dogs and raccoons. Shunned by both cultures, they must live in the shadows, coming out only to suck goat-blood and then vanish again. But there’s never enough goat-blood to fill the hole in your heart, is there, Chupacabra?

So what do you think: Is the varmint in that cage the real deal? Tweet us your personal Chupacabra experiences @HolyTaco.

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