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Adorable Baby Loves Baseball, Beer

Baby Drinks Beer At Baseball Game – Watch more free videos

Let’s face it, baseball can be a slow-moving and tedious game to watch. If you’re, say, 18-months-old, it may be difficult to follow the mental chess-game that’s taking place on the field. Do you really expect a toddler comprehend the little nuances of a pitcher setting a batter up with a curveball so he can blow a fastball right by him? No. So the baby’s going to get a little bored. And what better way to kill a little boredom than by giving yourself a mohawk, chilling with the mascot and knocking back a few stadium brews.

5 Responses to "Adorable Baby Loves Baseball, Beer"

  1. Adam says:

    That kid will be in Jail someday. Nice parenting

  2. WaffleZ says:

    No need to get the bottle caps stuck in your Vagin Adam. The bottle is clearly empty. Kinda obvious when the bottle is horizontal and nothing is coming out of it.

  3. the babys mother says:

    you all should mind ur own business first of all….. i didnt give ne one permission to plaster my sons face all over tv and the web ….. the bottle had no beer n it at all i rinsed it out and put his juice in it….. last time i checked that wasnt a crime

  4. W.T. Meter says:

    Mullet on Father….. need we elaborate on this any further.

    Mullets are a conscious decision unlike procreation for this crew. You actually have to wake up, look in the mirrior of your trailor and say, “Yep, looks good, time to hit the Tractor/Barn/Disability line/Big Rig, and start my day.

    Well Done Mullet Dad we here at W.T. Meter Salute you.

  5. the babys daddy says:

    She’s right. And if I wanted shit outta any of you, I’d squeeze your head.