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Adrianne Curry

Where You’ve Seen Her: Adrianne Curry is the first and original Top Model from America’s Next Top Model.  This chick is awesome, not only because she’s ungodly sexy, but isn’t afraid to call Tyra Banks a total Biznatch.  Since Top Model, she’s continued to model and star in various reality shows.
Pointless Quote: "I am not going to change.  I refuse to be a diva."


7 Responses to "Adrianne Curry"

  1. awestruck says:

    She is a goddess.

  2. boo says:

    very niiice.

  3. philosopher says:

    she’s hot, i would fuck that

  4. steve says:

    Word brother, word.

  5. nude says:

    she’s got two spreads in playboy.. jan 2008 and february 2006. she is fucking hot!


  6. sexual philosopher says:

    I want to see her nude.