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Alabama Girls Vs. Texas Girls- A Gallery

We all know Alabama is going to crush Texas to take home the National Championship title, but which team has the hotter fans? You decide.


67 Responses to "Alabama Girls Vs. Texas Girls- A Gallery"

  1. Red Raider 4 Life says:

    Funny that all the Bama girls photos are just photoshopped with the Alabama “A”……Texas girls are wayyyyy hotter!!

  2. jelly roll says:

    i didn’t know jerrod from subway went to Alabama. is he wearing mayonaise?

  3. dude for real? says:

    there’s a couple butter faces there, but for the most part you got some fine chicks….good job bitches

  4. ernesttubb says:

    Last photo of the fat freak is p-shopped. Original was a OU Sooner fan. No doubt changed by a Sooner fan too embarrassed to acknowledge his own kin.

  5. ... says:

    4th picture, girl in the middle is colt mccoy’s girlfriend

    she went to baylor, not ut by the way

  6. Anonymousy says:

    rednecks and football….yawn

  7. texbam says:

    4th pic. girl on the left. aubrey tidwell. http://www.facebook.com/aubrey.tidwell

  8. bd says:

    bama doesnt have as many hot chicks as a lot of the other SEC schools do… i think texas wins but i suggest a conference comparison

  9. ATX_yo says:

    So…when it comes to the real pictures, not the photoshopped crap ones, Texas wins all the way. The fake ones, Alabama definitely has the edge; of course Alabama needs the help. They had to Photoshop teeth for all of the girls. They don’t call it the Dirty South for nothing.

  10. DonkeyXote says:

    Girls with cellulite on their legs (picture 14th) shouldn’t be wearing hot pants.

    Anyways, goooo Texas! Picture 18th takes it home for me!

  11. mehchive says:

    guys… South East has plenty of gorgeous women. All the “Alabama is nothing but trash and rednecks” needs to be updated… Have any of you actually been outside of your home state??? #1 there are rednecks in every state. #2 AL isn’t a run down worthless state, believe it or not it’s a far nicer place than the internet leads you on to with it’s comedy.

  12. Gomer says:

    I live in Alabama… it sucks.

  13. Bama blows says:

    yeah i’m from atlanta and am forced to drive through alabama. when your best city is birmingham, you blow as a state. sure there are plenty of hot chicks there, but there are hot chicks everywhere…why waste your time in bama?

  14. GaJoe says:

    All you Texas fans saying that the Alabama girls pix have been photoshopped are dead wrong! I know for a fact that there is no one in Alabama smart enough to use PS.

    Roll Tide!

  15. AnonymousTerd says:

    I’d pee in all their butts……. Even the two at the end! MUAHAHAHAHAH

  16. AnonymousTerd says:

    Thats fine…. As long as it swallows the grazy and craddles the balls we’re all good!!!!

  17. Rick Reid says:

    Umm i used to live in Bama for work, 99 percent of the women are 300 pounds. I saw a dozen cute girls during that six months. I did meet two f*cking ridiculously, in shape, gorgeous face/body babes that were staying at the same hotel as me in Tuscaloosa. Apparently the Florida Gators were in town, because they were from Florida….blah blah blah. Anyways they were recent grads i think, but bottom line, they weren’t from Alabama. Lived in Texas too, MUCH better then Alabama. However, Cali and Florida girls are freakin hott as hell. Cali girls tend to be slightly more surgery prone, Florida girls are more natural. All though the chicks from the hotel both had fake boobs….they couldn’t have been freakin real. I didn’t get to see them, i was working and they probably were sleeping with football players :( .

  18. AnonymousTerd says:

    *gravy ( I’ll swallow that one too)

  19. Bloodz says:

    Homo Test: If u see the ambient n photoshoping I got bad news 4 u…..

  20. Terd's Father says:

    U can swallow my cock too son!

  21. team arrow says:

    One thing I have learned while living in Alabama is that most of the girls in the pictures are from out of state. If they are smiling and have more than one front tooth, they are probably not from Alabama.

  22. AHcomeON says:

    photoshop gayness

  23. coolperson says:

    u say to many bad words

  24. Chickon says:

    I thought people conceived by incestuous relations were mentally and/or physically challenged, can the Alabama team even throw a ball with anything resembling accuracy?

    Durpty-durpte-durpdurpdurp! Stupid hillbillies.

  25. Randy says:

    That pic with the five chicks has nothing to do with Alabama. It’s a photo taken for the Norwegian FHM Christmas special in 2008. They’re all famous glamour models in Norway and they’ve never heard of Alabama.

  26. Seriously? says:

    All you photoshoped commentors are queers, just enjoy the beautiful ladies and the fact that they tried to put team recognition on them doesn’t matter. Its part of the whole idea of the list!

    Fuckety fuck face

  27. YamslingeR says:

    Around the bowl……down the HOLE.

  28. DEADNECK says:

    You ridiculous fuck rag! They are undefeated. That means they haven’t lost a game this year in case you’re not familiar with the terminology. You are obviously another dumb ass yankee that knows absolutely nothing about anything outside their own back yard. Educate yourself before you open your mouth so as not to look like a complete fucking moron.

  29. Sid says:

    Fuck you taco! Hook’em Horns!

  30. Gomer says:

    I hate ‘bama. The school, the state, everything about it. But Alabama wins this round in my opinion.

  31. Dorky Dan says:

    If you’ve only been in Birmingham, you have NOT been in Alabama. Birmingham is a separate country. Now, if you drive through Tuscaloosa in the Spring or Summer … then tell us what you think of Alabama!!

  32. emerson biguns says:

    roll tide roll

  33. Ted says:

    You hate all things Bama and your name here is Gomer. Hm-mm… are you aware that your name “Gomer” was made popular by a ’60′s TV show called, Gomer Pyle,USMC? Gomer was played by Jim Neighbors, Jim is an ALABAMA native. Damn Gomer, that’s ironic!

  34. Itchy Balls says:

    The Question is… what state has the sexiest Native Girls? It sure as fuck isnt Alabama, However Texas has its share of fat ass uglies in it. Doesnt really matter, What does matter is the fact Alabama Is going to kick the shit out of McCoy and Co, And Fuck Mack Browneye and his team of horses

  35. ShaggyMan says:

    Texas. Even if ‘bama wins, we all KNOW the two 15 yard penalties against the TEXAS D, were lamo calls.

  36. Rick Reid says:

    Mccoy went out so early! I watched the damn thing and gotta say i thought Bama was gonna rough Texas up. If you actually watched the game though, Mccoy was only in for the first series and got hurt the second Texas series. Gilbert was so green, he lost that game for them. Texas was looking good and even with that kid, they pulled within 3. If Mccoy would have stayed in, they would have beat Bama. I feel cheated, Bama won a “give me”….plus the refs barely called anything against Sabans kids. They were holding left and right. They called the penalty on Texas for interference when Bama did alot worse and no call. Bama is the weakest team to win in a while. I’m beginning to think Florida had one bad game against them….They didn’t score a touchdown for stretches of games during the regular season and should have lost to Arkansas. They barely pulled out a win versus Auburn. I think Florida just had a bad tackling game but Bama did want it more. Man, Texas was sacking the hell out of McElroy! They were gashing Alabama’s o line. Teams will mo. def. blitz the sh*t out of them next year, Saban better recruit a bunch of linemen. Florida and Texas seem to be recruiting like mad men right now!

  37. Rudy says:

    Should have lost to Arky? It was 35-7 dipshit.

  38. John Goodman's Mom says:

    If we want your opinion son, I’ll scrape it off your Dad’s zipper.

  39. John Goodman says:

    Why do all of the Bama pics look photo shopped or from a porn site.

    Texas wins in my opinion, and my vote counts as 2.

  40. AnonymousTerd says:

    Your obviously an idiot or an asain if you can’t tell that the trees shadow is fading in the same direction as hers! Maybe calling you an asain is giving you too much credit!!!!

  41. AnonymousTerd says:

    *You’re (I’ll swallow that one)

  42. Tina says:


  43. office jerk says:

    #10 is awesome but the (obviously photoshopped) shadow of the girl is going to the left, whereas the (real) shadow of a tree cast by her feet is going to the right.

  44. Rick Reid says:

    The photo of the day sucks, thank goodness she spent $$$ for the boob job.

  45. Bitch Crush says:

    The Pacific 10 Conference has the hottest girls. ASU. USC. UCLA. Oregon. Arizona. you dumbasses from bama and texas dont know hot until you go out west.

  46. Jack Bains says:

    Very nice. Do you make it a habit of violating copyrights by stealing at least 3 of my images (Blair in the Shower; Channing in the #2 Bama Jersey and Amber in the #14 Bama Jersey) without providing me photo recognition?

  47. Bama Fan Here says:

    It so easy to say that we just dont go to the games to just watch the game LOL..Butmy opioion is that sweet home alabama has the hotties

  48. Phone Lookup says:

    Texas wins the babe contest.

  49. BoomShakalaka says:


  50. BigDick4urGurl says:

    PAC 10 SLUTS

  51. blackie says:

    Fuck you, taco. Hookem!

  52. FBI Investigator says:

    I represent the FBI (Female Body Inspectors group)
    I would like to know if anyone else thinks that girl 6 is smuggling a sausage in her pants.

  53. RedRum says:

    First of all, is that a Kotex betwixt the thighs of Miss Alabama Gymnyst (Pic #5)? Gross, Don’t think I’m gonna touch that one. Not today anyway.

    I was kindof digging the MILF action in pic 16. Too old to be wearing that, but a toil in the turf would be a thrill! Maybe #16 and #17 could join us.

    Really, I’d tap all of these girls, except for the last 2 dudes and the chick with the cellulite on her legs.

  54. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ says:

    I am going to sell my businesses and retire to Alabama!!!! Any girls interested in interviewing for my SugarBaby?

  55. KPz says:

    The extremely grainy picture is actually some SBB (www.sportsbybrooks.com) girls that someone badly photoshopped the UT symbol onto. Nice try.

  56. Rage says:

    half these pics are fakes, like the longhorn symbols on the girls in the white tank tops

  57. BoomShakalaka says:

    The Tide’s gonna be disappointed when Texas wins.

    BIG 12 FTW!!!

  58. FIRST SUCKAS says:

    I didn’t know Michael Moore is a Texas Alum or is he just making a mockumentary about football fans.

  59. Dildozer says:

    You’re thinking of his upcoming 2010 football themed gay porno “Wide Receiver.”

  60. YamslingeR says:

    Almost ALL of the bama pics are photoshopped – and for good reason. Those fucking checkerboard hats are a buzzkill. Texas by a LANDSLIDE!

  61. pratik says:

    #23 looks fake. Random girls in red ribbons with the Crimson A PS’d onto their body. Lame.

  62. Super student says:

    Picture number 23 is fake. Those girls are norwegians, except the left one she’s swedish

  63. ben says:

    Seriously, you guys must be gay to be taking the time looking at anything other then the girls! Kudos to the photo shop staff for making these idiots hunt for mistakes! Definitely fags!

  64. Rick Reid says:

    Almost all of these are fakes, most of these girls aren’t from either state or school. I don’t care who wins, my team isn’t playing. To the guy claiming the west has the hott girls, there are hott girls in every state. I’ve literally lived in nearly every state in America and i’m telling you Cali and Florida have the most hott girls overall. I’m from Napa Valley Cali…i’m a Cal Bear Grad…but my eyes aren’t biased. Arizona and New York are distant seconds…Texas and the Carolinas are third. When you travel all the time, it comes down to a pretty accurate science lol. The true south (Kentucky/Bama/Arkansas etc) does have an extremely high percentage of hogs. The midwest/west has an extremely high percentage of “rough” girls, paper bag ‘em if you will.