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Alessandra Ambrosio

Age: 27

Where you’ve seen her: Since Alessandra Ambrosio is a model, you’ve seen her in a bunch of advertisements for clothes you would never buy.

MILF status: Last week Alessandra squeezed really hard and an itty bitty baby came flying out of her vagina. Hakuna matata.

5 Responses to "Alessandra Ambrosio"

  1. Huaua13 says:

    My kind of girl, she is perfect.

  2. Anonymous says:

    and the bottom right pic is a backing of my belief that she is perfect, which can’t be argued with

  3. loverboy says:

    alessandra ambrosio has everything perfect which makes everyone including me to spend nights with her

  4. No she’s MY kinda girl!:)

  5. dave says:

    nice! thanks-injection molding…/