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Alexandra Paressant is a Sperm Expert

I guess having sex with the same old boring unbelievably hot celebrity starlet can get tiring, too. French model and sex kitten Alexandra Paressant is claiming to have had a two month affair with San Antonio Spurs French guard Tony Parker (If Tim Duncan had a personality, he would be very disappointed.)  According to X17online:

“We had room service. He said that Eva sexually speaking does not want to do certain things. She do not want to make love in front of a mirror, does not like certain position and thinks that sperm gives acne,”

About his marriage with Eva Longoria, Alexandra says that Tony explained: “Everybody has to get married at a point, but [for him] it is still time to enjoy life.”

When asked if Eva knew about Tony being with her, Alex said: “I don’t think she knew about it. She seems quite jealous.”

Wait, if sperm doesn’t cause acne, then why is Jessica Simpson doing all those Proactiv commercials?

One of the photos below is NSFW. See if you can find out which one.


2 Responses to "Alexandra Paressant is a Sperm Expert"

  1. thomas says:

    that’s adriana lima on the main picture…

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