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Alley Baggett

Where You’ve Seen Her: Alley Baggett has a really nice rack.  Aside from this, she’s been a commentator for WWF and has made several self appearances on multiple shows from Penn & Teller to Unhappily Ever After.  She’s also been in numerous music videos.  Yeah, she’s got a ridiculous rack.
Pointless Quote: "As Long As Persist, Your Dream Will Come True."
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16 Responses to "Alley Baggett"

  1. anonymous fan says:

    I’ve met her in person in Houston in 2000. She’s all that and more. I’ll say that she’s better in person. So all you fake haters don’t really know til you see her in person.

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    what a great bum you’ve got alley

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    i will make her suck dis big dick

  6. Anonymous says:

    you are the worst troll ever. put some effort into it at least. you’re just mailing it in. i’m guessing you are ukrainian.

  7. Cathy says:

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  8. MJJM says:

    i think i just came

  9. Paul says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, she’s got some nice fake tits, but who doesn’t? What she does have is one of the nicest asses ever! Oh, and she’s 35, so I guess that means you fags wouldn’t talk to her at a bar

  11. rolly says:

    hey sexy can you talk

  12. Hal98 says:

    She’s a fine looking woman.
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  13. Anonymous says:

    nice you can totally see her bush in that main page picture

  14. Anonymous says:

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  15. MAJADA says:


Alley Baggett

alley baggett

Age: 34

Where you’ve seen her: Alley Baggett has been in about a bazillion Playboy special issues and DVDs. But all you Telemundo fans out there will recognize her from The Umberto Show and the Maria Conchita Alonso Show. Ole!

Tantalizing tidbit: Alley was also featured in a comic book series called “Alley Cat” where she fought crime, saved the world and presumably fought a character based on Lindsay Lohan called “Gutter Skank.”

alley baggett alley baggett alley cat alley cat