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Amazingly Bad WWF Vignettes: Mr. Perfect and Razor Ramon

During it’s heyday, the WWF aired some of the most hilariously bad vignettes to fill the time between matches. And after some careful consideration, we think that Razor Ramon and Mr. Perfect might just be the two worst. For absolutely no reason at all, here’s a couple of each of their classics.
Razor Ramon – Wishing At The Fountain
More villains should spend time at wishing fountains to better explain how everyone else wishes they could be on top. And then, of course, push someone into said fountain.
Mr. Perfect’s Horseshoes
Hearing stupid people read scripts written by stupid writers that are supposed to sound smart never, ever, ever gets old.

Razor Ramon – At The Restaurant
"Maybe I mop your floor! Maybe I could clean the table for you, man. I clear the table, man! I CLEAR THE TABLE!"
Mr. Perfect – The Ping Pong Table
In case you didn’t notice, Mr. Perfect is wearing Zubaz.

12 Responses to "Amazingly Bad WWF Vignettes: Mr. Perfect and Razor Ramon"

  1. bonzoello says:

    A cross-eyed ogre and a flaming homosexual in a graduation gown. Perfect.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Mr. Perfect ones were horrible, but the Razor Ramone ones weren’t that bad. Lame yes, but for what he was playing at the time, it worked. Sadly.

  3. dane says:

    Mr perfect oddly has the least perfect hair i’ve ever seen. That mr perfect is full of shit.

  4. Sparticus says:

    I know something else Hulk can’t do, get a speedy divorce.

    Mr. Perfect

  5. Anonymous says:

    Razor Ramon CHiCO!!!!!!!! holy shit that was a long time ago!!!!

  6. Oatmeal says:

    if rico could act, he would make the perfect punisher…

  7. turtletechno says:

    I just hope that somewhere out there Razor Ramon is reading Holy Taco whilst staring at his roid’s shrunk penis and saying “Yeah I can clear table’s, bawwwwwww”.

  8. Runescope says:

    Well heck, lacking the ability to act shouldn’t disqualify him from playing the punisher, I mean it didn’t effect any of the other movies.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Top Notch Acting at its best. You can hardly even tell these guys are homosexuals!

  10. Pratik says:

    They REALLY thought it would make someone look cool by having him play horseshoes? The 80s WWF fanbase must’ve been really sad.

  11. IndianaMike says:

    they should have recorded Mickey Rourke doing one as Randy the Ram. Maybe on the DVD>….

  12. uglysexy says:

    the guy in the graduation gear looks like the love child of
    jack black and tony robbins