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Amy Winehouse Campaigns For Booze

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Actors and musicians often times use their celebrity to make the world a better place. Bono is trying to stop world hunger. Angelina Jolie is working to eradicate poverty in third world countries, and now, Amy Winehouse is trying to save her favorite pub. People.com reports:

The rehabbing singer is pitching in to help preserve The George Tavern, one of her favorite London pubs.

Before she entered into a U.K. treatment center, the Grammy-nominee suggested selling t-shirts to campaign against a planned apartment development which, opponents say, will ruin the bar’s unusual 360-degree light.

First of all, I like how she campaigned to save her favorite pub to get wasted at, right before she went to rehab. It reminds me of when my brother told my family he was going to try and lose weight and then took a job at Cinn-A-Bon. Secondly, she’s not the first celebrity to sell t-shirts to raise money for a good cause. I just bought these from George Clooney, who’s raising money for the atrocities being commited in Darfur, as well as promoting the blu-ray release of two of his films. Poor taste Clooney. Poor taste.

3 Responses to "Amy Winehouse Campaigns For Booze"

  1. Comment Spammers Sux says:

    Oh, I dunno. Seems to me that even on her very best days, the words “Amy Winehouse” and “Hot Chicks” should never be uttered in the same sentence.

  2. josh says:

    How did she get a chickipedia page? I thought that was a right reserved by the American constitution for only hot chicks.

  3. Steve says:

    Amy Winehouse is my favorite female trainwreck, Brittany(crazy ass shaved head biatch)Spears is a close second.