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Amy Winehouse is Not Just Another Pretty Face

 Photo credit: Hollywood Rag.com

The embarrassment of morning face can be, well, embarrassing. After waking up to a “disturbance outside her house, the Daily Mail is reporting that Bobblehead Winehouse got up, decided to not put on a shirt, shoes or a feminine face and came strolling outside to see what was going on. According to her spokesperson:

“Amy was investigating a noise outside – which is why she wasn’t wearing any shoes, and was just in a bra and jeans with no make-up. Amy hadn’t been partying – she’d have been wearing make-up if she had been.

If I looked like that everytime I wasn’t partying, I would strap a kegerator to my face 25 hours a day.

6 Responses to "Amy Winehouse is Not Just Another Pretty Face"

  1. zack getz says:

    why you be hatin’? everyone has bad pictures…

  2. Ron More says:

    This sucks! The worst part was that I saw at Virgin Fest in Baltimore back in August. She looked alot better than than now. Good thing her doctor or handlers advised her to stop touring. She could end a bigger trainwreck than Britney Spears!

  3. Holy Hell! says:

    I kid you not, when the picture popped up, I expected the text to be a joke about photoshopping some skanky face onto Amy Winehouse’s body. She looks like the Whiny Witch of the West….

  4. brostania says:

    Heroin is one hell of a drug.

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  6. lana says:

    shes 25 yet she looks 47.and that bloody wig !